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[edit] 4302 The Dual Moguls Course

[edit] 4302.1 Joint Regulations for Ladies and Men’s Dual Moguls Course

4302.1.1 Homologations of Dual Moguls Course

Dual Moguls courses for international competitions included in the FIS Calendar must be approved and homologated by the FIS.

4302.1.2 General Characteristics of the Dual Moguls Site

The Dual Moguls site must be uniformly covered in moguls, with a reasonably constant pitch and fall-line, free of obstacles, with satisfactory snow cover. The moguls may be machine constructed and must conform to specifications contained in the FIS Freestyle Course Standards Manual.

4302.1.3 Layout of the Dual Moguls Site

[edit] 4302.1.3.1 The Dual Moguls Course

The Dual Moguls course should be a constant pitch with one continuous fall-line. The slope should not be overly concave or convex, nor should it have distinct changes in pitch. The course must be as evenly covered in moguls as possible. Hard, sharp bumps should be smoothed out, deep ruts, ice balls and snow machine tracks should be removed. Bumps that throw the competitor too far into the air should be modified. With respect to air bumps, they should conform to course Specifications for Dual Moguls (see 4302.1.4).

[edit] 4302.1.3.2 Air Bump Criteria and Specifications Measurement

Maximum Distance to:

  • the end of the last bump to the take off 4.0 m – 5.0 m

  • the airbump takeoff to end landing 15.0 m

[edit] 4302.1.3.3 Control Gates

Nine control gates (markers or slalom poles) - maximum or 0.75 m wide by 1.2 m height, designating the outside of the course and center line must be located on the course at equally spaced intervals. (The width of each track on Dual Moguls courses shall be set at 6.5 m ± 0.5 m.)

[edit] 4302.1.4 Preparation and Inspection of the Dual Moguls Site

4302.1.4.1 The Dual Moguls site must be completely prepared for skiing before the Dual Moguls competition and must then be available for training. When snow cover is minimal, the organising committee must transport additional snow to cover the course sufficiently. The Jury may postpone or cancel a competition if the moguls do not satisfactorily meet a reasonable minimum to constitute a Dual Moguls competition.

4302.1.4.2 Moguls may be machine constructed and all care must be taken to assure the courses are equal with respect to lines and the number and size of the moguls.

4302.1.4.3 Before training begins on the first day of official practice, the competitors and Jury must inspect the course. The Jury shall determine the time of the inspection.

4302.1.4.4 Immediately after this inspection the Technical Delegate and other members of the Jury shall be available on site to receive requests and suggestions from the competitors and trainers.

4302.1.4.5 To improve upon marginal lighting conditions the organiser may color the moguls, add pine bough branches, etc.

4302.1.4.6 Some moguls may be modified for use as air bumps (see 4302.1.3.2 and 3035.2.7). There should be Air Bumps at the top and bottom of each course in approximately the same positions. The takeoff of the top air bumps should be placed at 15% of the course length and takeoff of the bottom air bumps should be placed 20% of the course length from the finish line.

[edit] 4302.1.5 Official Training

4302.1.5.1 The official training for the Dual Moguls competition is an inseparable part of the competition. The competitors are required to participate.

4302.1.5.2 The official training shall encompass at least two days, although not necessarily consecutively.

4302.1.5.3 The Jury may reduce this period.

4302.1.5.4 The entire facility must be properly prepared and with proper medical ser-vices available during training.

4302.1.5.5 Competitors not wearing their bibs will not be allowed to ski on the course.

4302.1.5.6 On the competition day the competitors are allowed a minimum of 30 minutes of training before the competition begins. The Jury may reduce this if conditions require it.

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