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[edit] 37 The Committee for Freestyle Skiing

37.1 Purpose

  • to follow and study the Freestyle Skiing competition sport while defining its philosophy and to present to the FIS Council proposals for its promotion and development;
  • to experiment in following up all initiatives tending to simplify, facilitate, safe-guard, better organise and better control Freestyle Skiing and to co-ordinate the activity of the different Freestyle groups, keep in permanent contact with competitors, team captains, officials and organisers to closely and continuously collaborate with the FIS Headquarters;
  • to control the organisation and carrying-out of the competitions by means of Technical Delegates and to make in co-operation with the FIS Headquarters proposals for the international Freestyle calendar;
  • to decide in collaboration with the FIS Headquarters on last minute changes in the Freestyle competition schedule and to decide on a substitute organiser in case of cancellation of an event;
  • to co-ordinate and supervise the work of the Sub-Committee and Working Groups and to discuss the proposals of the Sub-Committees and Working Groups and to submit its viewpoints to the Council.

37.1.1 Purpose of the Freestyle Committee

  • to co-ordinate the work of the Sub-Committees and to discuss the proposals of the Sub-Committees and Working Groups, to act as an executive body in all questions regarding Freestyle and to advise the Council on all technical matters;
  • to nominate and commission periodical Working Groups for special tasks.

37.1.2 Purpose of the Conference

  • to discuss the current status and the future of the Freestyle sport and to act as an instrument of information between the Freestyle Committee and the National Ski Associations.

37.1.3 Purpose of the Co-ordination Group

  • to select and direct proposals for consideration by the relevant Sub-Committee.

37.2 Constitution

Committee: Maximum 8-12 regular members, including the Chairman (exceptions please see art. 5.1).

Conference: each affiliated National Ski Association may be represented by one member.

Co-ordination Group: Chairmen of the Freestyle Committee and the Sub-Committees, Race Director for Freestyle Skiing.

37.3 Meetings

Committee: in principle once per year.

Coordination Group: when necessary, in principle twice per year.

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