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[edit] 4002.1 Joint Regulations for Ladies’ and Men’s Aerials Sites

4002.1.1 Aerials sites for World Ski Championships, Olympic Winter Games and international competitions included in the FIS Calendar must be approved and homologated by the FIS.

[edit] 4002.1.2 General Characteristics of the Aerials Site

The Aerials site must be constructed specifically according to the specifications contained in the FIS Freestyle Course Standards Manual. The course should be properly prepared and free of all visible and known ha-zards. All measurements taken are in degrees as opposed to percentages.

[edit] 4002.1.3 Layout of the Aerials Site

4002.1.3.1 Construction of Aerials Site

Aerials sites should be constructed out of earth in the off-season. If not practical, then a natural location should be chosen. In order to assure the correct facility is available, this construction should precede the competition by a minimum of three weeks.

4002.1.3.2 Location of Aerials Site

The Aerials site should be located where spectators can have easy access, where facilities and services are located nearby and if possible, where snowmaking can service the site.

4002.1.3.3 Start and Finish Area

The Aerials site should not have any obstacles or obstructions that will cause any inconvenience or difficulty for the competitor. There should be ample space available in the Start and Finish area for the competitors.

4002.1.3.4 Lift at Aerials Site

The Aerials site must be serviced by uphill transportation with a minimum capacity of 150 persons per hour. This transportation must cover a minimum distance from the finish area to the knoll. The maximum turn around time for this transportation system must be no more than 10 minutes.

4002.1.3.5 Velocity Indicator

Velocity indicators must be provided at all Aerials sites. The display must be located on the Judges’ Stand and must be readable from the table area and be expressed in kilometers per hour. The measurement must be taken at the transition between the inrun and the table according to the FIS Freestyle Course Standards Manual.

4002.1.3.6 Inrun Markers

Twenty (20) markers at two-meter intervals, must be placed on the side of the inrun, in a straight line ending approximately 20 meters above the transition.

4002.1.3.7 Wind Indicators

Three (3) wind indicators will be placed on the Aerials site, one at the start and two on the knoll. The wind indicators on the knoll are to be located on the top front side of the judges’ stand and the other side of the knoll. The wind indicators are to be made of a brightly colored plastic material being 1 meter long by 5cm wide.

4002.1.3.8 Wind Measurements

The Aerials site must have a series of anemometers that measures the wind speed in meters per second. Measurements are to be taken on the knoll, the inrun and finish area.

[edit] 4002.1.4 Preparation and Inspection of the Aerials Site

4002.1.4.1 The Aerials site will be completely prepared for jumping at least three days before the Aerials competition and must then be available for training.

4002.1.4.2 Before training begins on the first official training day, the competitors and Jury must inspect the course. The Jury shall determine the time of inspection.

4002.1.4.3 Immediately after this inspection the TD and other members of the Jury shall be available at the outrun to receive requests and suggestions from the competitors and trainers regarding the Aerials site.

4002.1.4.4 Notification must be sent to an organising committee by a National Ski Association at least 2 weeks prior to the date of the competition, requesting that a Floater be built. If no request is received, jump site construction will conform to the Mean Standards for Aerials sites as stated in the FIS Freestyle Course Standards Manual.

[edit] 4002.1.5 Official Training

4002.1.5.1 The official training for the Aerials competition is an inseparable part of the competition. The competitors are required to participate.

4002.1.5.2 The official training shall ideally encompass at least three days before the competition, although not necessarily consecutively.

4002.1.5.3 The official training shall be a minimum of one-day (two hours of actual jumping time).

4002.1.5.4 The entire facility must be properly prepared and have proper medical services available during official training.

4002.1.5.5 Competitors not wearing their bibs will not be allowed to participate during official training. Bibs must be easily visible.

4002.1.5.6 On the Aerials competition day the competitors are allowed two hours of training before the competitions begin. The Jury may reduce this to one hour.

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