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Team Captains meeting gives the visiting coaches an impression of the organizer’s attitude toward the competition, the planning and race organization.

No matter how small or informal, the Coaches’ meeting is a valuable tool in a well organized race. The time and location is announced on the race notice. The agenda should be prepared in advance by the Chief of Competition and confirmed by the Technical Delegate.

Items covered at the meeting include: payment of race entry fees, issuing of lift tickets for the competitor’s and coaches, details concerning the race, review of the rules, finalization of the Jury, selection of the course setters and the draw.

Grouping and the draw are procedures used to establish the competitor’s starting order. The goal is to enable skiers of almost equal abilities to compete as near as possible under equal or similar weather and course conditions so a fair test of skills will occur.

The type of race will determine the method for grouping and drawing, however the basic principles remain the same. Competitors are grouped and then drawn within the group.

For the competition, competitors are arranged in order of current “seeding points” i.e. the competitor’s FIS Points that are valid for that particular competition. The first 15 are drawn, the reminder run in order of points. Those without points form another group that is drawn at the end.

There are different methods of completing the draw. The drawing methods vary at World Cup and FIS the simplest being by random computer draw.

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