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FIS Freestyle TV Standards


[edit] Freestyle World Cup and World Championships

For a high quality TV production and presentation of the Freestyle Skiing on TV the following technical equipments are to be considered in the camera range.

An optimum Live production shall be guaranteed and a very good picture material for Magazines and News as well as delayed broadcast productions will be possible.

[edit] Cameras/Competition

[edit] Moguls/ Dual Moguls

Length of course approx. 200 - 250m

  • Start: 1 camera
  • Course: 2-3 cameras

1 superslomo

  • Finish: Outside finish center line of course

1 camera in the finish area

[edit] Aerials

Length of course approx. 100m

  • Start: 1 camera
  • Inrun: 1 camera
  • Table 1 camera

1 superslomo Judges 1 camera

  • Finish: 1 camera in the finish area

[edit] HalfPipe

  • Start: 1 camera
  • Course: 3-4 cameras

1 superslomo 1 radio camera in the Pipe Special: 1 Polecam on the wall

[edit] Ski Cross

Length of course ca 800-1200m

  • Start: 1 camera
  • Course: 5-6 cameras

1 superslomo

  • Finish: 1-2 cameras

[edit] Possible Specials Cameras:

  • Camera crane on Knoll or start of moguls
  • Mini Digitalcamera - (e.g. on the course and behind the air bump)
  • Splitscreen with Liveslomo at a Dual Moguls
  • Pencil camera on lip of jump
  • Camera in the service area
  • Cable cam over the head of the Wescamhead
  • Subjective camera ride with Skier or Aerialist

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