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Image:TV Compound Kreischber AUT.jpg

Image:TV Compound Meribel FRA 2009 Moguls.jpg

Occupying a location identified during the site survey the TV Compound must be carefully managed by the HB, particularly with regard to parking and power supplies for all attending parties. The TV Compound should include adequate space for multilateral and unilateral SNG vehicles, tender trucks, a temporary power supply, production offices, storage space and any temporary catering facilities.

HB’s are responsible for producing a detailed parking plan of the TV Compound and should have a representative present when vehicles arrive, including those of attending unilateral broadcasters.

An uninterrupted power supply must be provided to the HB and attending RHB’s by the OC.

Image:TV Compound La Plagne WC Final 2009.jpg

Image:OB Van Control Room.jpg

Image:OB Van Control Station.jpg

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