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Suomu FIN
Suomu FIN

Image:Suomu FIN Dec 09 WC Moguls Opening.jpg|Suomu FIN


[edit] Freestyle World Cup - Moguls

Starting in the mid-1960s, Suomu’s skiing history is world renowned. The grandfather of Freestyle, the HotDog Ski, came to Finland in the 1970s and in 1989 Suomu hosted Finland’s first Freestyle World Cup competition. The wind protected slopes of the region have helped to produce freestyle artists right up to World and Olympic champions. The traditional Suomu is being modernised and is making a strong comeback into the hearts of skiing enthusiasts. The new Arctic Circle hotel is especially favoured by relaxed skiers and lovers of great food. Cabins with all modern luxuries have also been built in the region, the service level has been expanded and development is ongoing.

[edit] About Lapland

Lappish culture is a mixture of influences from every direction. The cultures of the neighbouring regions of Sweden, Finland, Norway and Russia have greatly influenced the Sámi culture and Finnishness. The cultural differences between Lapland’s different regions are rather significant. The Swedish influenced West Lapland district is worlds apart from the Sámi culture of North Lapland with completely different language and traditions. see [1]

[edit] Introduction

The Arctic Circle classic, Suomu resort by route E 63, lies in a beautiful pine forest along small lakes and a stream. It nestles by Suomutunturi-hill only a short ride to the natural sandy beaches of Lake Kemijärvi.

Suomu is located on the Arctic Circle and is known as Santa’s official ski resort. Top-level slopes in the centre of beautiful forests, a location close to the Lake Kemijärvi waterway, offers enjoyment, challenges and relaxed thrills for people of all ages.

Suomu is regarded as being a destination that is safe and sufficiently small, which makes it a popular place for families. Night life is focused around the dinner table, as both hotels in Suomu have top-level chefs and the home-cooked meals served at the Tuulenpesä Café have received praise from all over the country.

Treasure among the trees Suomu is located in the Kemijärvi Municipality in the middle of a vast forest region in the heart of the wilderness. The destination lies among a densely wooded area that provides shelter for cross-country and downhill skiers, with plenty of soft snow, while other resorts have hard and icy conditions. On some small swamp ponds lying between fell highlands on Lake Kemijärvi’s southern shores are swans that nest each spring.

[edit] Competition Organizers

  • Freestlyle Moguls World Cup opening races at Suomutunturi
  • Event organizer: Marko Mustonen
  • www-address:: [2] / [3]
  • Event organizer: Hotelli Suomutunturi ja Suomen Hiihtoliitto/Freestyle jaosto [4]

[edit] Ski Area


  • Downhill skiing slopes 13
  • Ski lifts 5
  • Longest run 1,700m
  • Greatest height difference 240m

Image:Suomu finland area map.jpg

[edit] Mogul Course

[edit] Kemijärvi

The town of Kemijärvi is only 42 kilometres from Suomu along the main highway, 10km closer via Räisälä village and the ferry or ice road over lake Kemijärvi. [5] pages have information about the town and it’s services.

[edit] Reference

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