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This is summary of the different programs (Best practice) that has been developed at different levels to different target groups. The different item are sortable by clicking on the arrow beside each item. Please have a look at this page with examples of videos from different countries bringing children to the snow: [1]

Nation Project AL CC SJ NC FS SB Other Project name Target group
Portugal Education AL Snow Playing in the Snow (Portugal) 6 to 9
Canada School SJ Canada, 'Youth Talent Identification and Training Program' Girls 12 to 14
Germany Funpark AL CC SB Snow Kids on Snow 4 to 11
Czech Funpark AL CC SB Snow Czech SnowKidz Park (Czech)
Norway Funpark CC Snow Skileikanlegg – Arena built for childrens activities on one pair of skies Children
Japan Funpark AL SB Snow I Love Snow Children
Armenia Education AL CC SJ Snow Free of charge ski instructors 3 to 15 
Finland Education AL CC SJ Snow Information and education for parents, guardians and teachers Parents
Finland School CC Snow Your Move School Games, Suksisähly 13 to 19
Germany Funpark AL CC SJ Snow Skitty World / Skitty Village 4 to 14 
Germany Funpark AL CC SJ SB Snow "Bewegte Stadt" ("Moved City") – Children Ski Circus 3 to 6
Norway Funpark AL CC Snow Promotion and other activities for children at World Cup Competitions 4 to 16
Norway Funpark AL CC SB Snow Cross country cross, Kombicross, Skicross for children Children
Norway School AL CC SB Snow Ski i skolen –Skiing activities in school 6 to 15
Great Britain Funpark AL SB Snow Indoor Slopes Children
Germany School AL CC SB Snow School Ski Day 7 to 16
Luxembourg School AL CC SB Snow “Classe de Neige” 6 to 15
Italy School AL CC SB Snow "Piedmont Region Ski Educational Project" 6 to 15
Switzerland School AL CC SB Snow Juskila 13 to 14
Serbia Competition AL CC SB „Children‘s Bambi Festival“ 4 to 16
Austria Training SJ „Bring the Kids to Ski Jumping“ 4 to 16
Switzerland Competition AL Grand Prix Migros 8 to 15
Switzerland Competition AL SB Rivella Family Contest 4 to 14
Austria Competition AL INTERSPORT Kids Cup 6 to 14
Austria Competition AL SJ “ÖSV-Kinderskifest” / ÖSV Children’s Ski Festival 8 to 12
Europe Competition SJ International Kinder4schanzentournee 7 to 11
Brazil / Chile Competition AL Amateur Brazilian Championship 5 to 16
Lithuania Training AL "All family on skis" 6 to 15
Lebanon Training AL Summer Condition Training 6 to 18
India School AL SB Coaching Camps for School Children 10 to 16
Russia Competition AL CC SJ NC FS SB Sports Festivals for Children and Youth 6 to 18
Switzerland Training AL CC SB "Jugend + Sport" Club 5 to 18
Hungary Competition AL SB Children Racing Activities 5 to 16
Russia Competition CC Lukjanovs Skirace 9 to 16
Germany Competition AL School Team Cup 10 to 14
FIS Seminar AL CC SJ NC FS SB Snow FIS Youth and Children’s Seminars NSA
Canada Training AL Huski Snow Stars Program 5 to 12
Norway Competition AL Bendit Alpine Festival 3 to 11
Bulgaria School AL Learn to ski 7 to 10
Ukraine School AL Ski Lessons at school 12 to 13
Andorra School AL School Ski Program 6 to 15
Switzerland School AL SB Snow Go on snow! 5 to 8
India School AL SB Snow Coaching Camps for School Children 10 to 16
Norway WEB AL CC SJ SB TM Barnas Skiklubb Children
Bosnia and Herzegovina Education AL CC SJ SB Snow Organized Snow Days 3 to 15 
USA Education AL CC SJ SB Snow Project Kids 4 to 14
Estonia, USA Education AL CC SJ SB Snow „Jhonny‘s Skischool“ Children
USA Education AL CC SB Snow Outdoor Idols Children
Austria School AL CC SB Snow Snowsports in Schools 6 to 18
Norway Competition AL CC SJ NC FS SB TM Telenor Karusellen 3 to 12 
Greece Funpark AL SB Snow Children Ski Areas 6 to 10
Austria Ticketing AL SB TM Go for Ski 4 to 18
Switzerland Ticketing AL SB TM Subsidized/Free Skiing Days Children
Germany Ticketing AL CC SJ SB TM BR MountainFreak Children
Switzerland Ticketing AL SB Snow Snow For Free / “White Bus” 10 to 13
Canada Ticketing Snow Grade Five Snowpass Children
USA DVD AL SB Snow Successful Sports Parenting Parents
Norway Training SJ Quicky hoppskole – Ski jumping schools for children Children
Norway Equipment SJ Ski jumping – ski equipment for children 4 to 10
Canada Training SJ Recruitment Camps 6 to 15
South Africa Funpark AL SB Snow “Snow in the City” – Event 6 to 18
Macedonia Education SB Snow Polar Snowboard Camp 10 to 15
Argentina School AL SB Snow Esqui Escolar/skiing for school kids(Argentina)
Germany Education Snow Celsius Projekte / NullGradCelsius Teachers
Norway Equipment TM Telemark for children Children

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