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Starter and Assistant Starter

Assistant Starter

Job Descriptions:

The Assistant Starter(s) is responsible for assisting the Starter at the start line and controlling the area adjacent to the start line. The Assistant Starter is responsible for calling competitors and informing the Starter of competitors not ready for their start. In addition, the Assistant Starter is responsible for checking the competitor's bibs, clothing and equipment for violations.


[edit] Duties:

  • Summon skiers to the start line
  • Check order of skiers with start list
  • Pass the correct skier at the correct time to the starter
  • Records all DNS and late starts
  • Manage false and late start skiers.

[edit] Procedure for Interval Start:

  • exercise control over the skiers as they line up to start
  • inform inexperienced skiers of the starting procedures (i.e., to move up slowly and lift poles over the start gate without hitting it)
  • check off each skier against the official start list
  • present the correct competitors to the Starter at the correct times
  • inform the Starter and Start Time Recorder of missing or late skiers and record on start list. Take position in track so that the next skier cannot accidentally enter the gate at the wrong time
  • periodically deliver start list with DNS, false starts, etc. record to the Chief of Results or the Chief of Manual Timing
  • direct all skiers arriving late to the recall/late start track. A late start can be defined as being more than three seconds (electronic timing) or “0” seconds (manual timing) after the start time listed on the official start list The following duties are best performed by an Assistant Start with Headset communication to the Timing Hut:
  • start all late starters. Skiers must come to a full stop but do not require a countdown. The only comments required are “come to a stop” and “GO”.
  • signal false start if informed by the Electronic Timing Assistant that a skier started more than 3 seconds early
  • start “false start” skiers from the recall/late start track. A recalled skier should start as soon as possible after returning across the extended start line (the toe must cross over the line).
  • Ensure that the Start Time Recorder takes and records the actual departure time.
  • Do not let these skiers interfere with other competitors. The skier must not leave when a countdown is in progress in the start gate or for at least three seconds after the official start is completed. If more than two late starters arrive at the start line at the same time the skiers should be started according to the order of their bib number

[edit] Responsibilities:

  • Call out competitor's bib # prior to run.
  • Inform Starter of competitors not present.
  • Check bibs, clothing and equipment for rule infractions.
  • Organize forerunners and pacesetters in proper order.
  • Inform competitors of official course information:
  • Course conditions (aerials)
  • Course closed
  • Side slip required.

[edit] Reports To:

Rule Book:

- 3020.2.5, 3042.2, 211. Start Commands

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