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Start Referee:

[edit] Job Descriptions:

The area around the starting gate is the responsibility of the Start Referee. The actual start gate areais restricted to everyone except the starting officials, the starting competitor and one trainer.

The Start Referee must remain at the start from the beginning of the official inspection time until the end of the training/event. The Start Referee must make sure that the Manual Timekeepers (hand timekeepers) are able to perform their duties without distraction and must make sure that the regulations for the start and the organization of the start are observed.

In other words, the Start Referee is responsible for assuring that each competitor receives a fair start. The Start Referee must have the ability to communicate by radio with the Jury at all times.

The Jury must be advised regarding replacement bib #’s, insertions in the running order, requests for provisional starts, requests for provisional reruns, etc.; to call a “START STOP” when it is necessary to halt the competition; and to notify the Jury when the start officials are ready to restart the competition.

Start Referee must know what constitutes grounds for a rerun and must notify the Jury when a coach or a competitor requests a rerun.

The provisional start or provisional rerun is valid only if the Jury confirms its validity. The Jury must ensure that provisional starts or reruns take place before the start of the last competitor on the published start list.

Some points key:

  • If, before the incident that allowed for a provisional rerun, a competitor had committed a fault that would result in disqualification, the rerun is not valid and the disqualification stands.
  • In addition, a provisional rerun that is definitively approved by the Jury remains valid even if it proves slower than the obstructed run.
  • Any competitor who is granted a “provisional” start or run must be reminded of its provisional nature. Granting a “run”/”start” and not clarifying its “provisional” nature will not allow the Jury to address the validity of the competitor’s request. Only the Jury can confirm a provisional run.

The Start Referee also records the names and bib numbers of competitors who:

  • were allowed to start in spite of late appearance;
  • were allowed by the Jury to start provisionally;
  • made false – early or late – starts;
  • violated equipment rules; and
  • committed other start infringements.

The Start Referee records the names and bib numbers of competitors who did not start and reports this information to the Referee. The Start Referee also records and reports all infringements against start procedure rules to the Jury. The Jury then considers all the facts and decides whether sanction is required. The Start Referee’s Recording Form has to provide a record of actual occurrences and must not be pre-numbered.

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