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4008 Special Procedures: Aerials

4008.1 Official Training Time

The Aerials course shall be completed and be ready for competition a minimum of 24 hours prior to the start of competition. All competitors shall be allowed an opportunity to train on the course. On the day of competition, there shall be a minimum of two hours of training time. Additional training time may be provided on a time available basis or at the discretion of the Jury.

4008.2 Equipment

4008.2.1 Competitors must wear a helmet in the Aerials competition when jumping in practice or competition.

4008.2.2 Bindings must be a recognized release system meeting DIN specifications.

4008.3 Loss of Ski(s)

See Rule 3057.10 and 3058.1. Loss of ski(s) during or after landing will be evaluated by the judges in accordance with the judging criteria.

4008.4 Announcement of Manoeuvre

The competitors should file a flight plan at the last Team Captains’ meeting before the competition. They should provide a flight plan for each of the two jumps along with the kicker number to be used. The flight plan can be changed (respecting Rule 4007.3; 4008.7; 6010) until the competitor has announced his jump to the starter prior to performing his competition jump.

The competitor shall announce his planned jump by name immediately prior to entering the starting gate. The planned jump will be checked against the authorized qualification list, which is the authorized category list, (see Rule 4007.3; 4008.7; 6010) announced to the judges, Chief of Scoring and the public.

4008.5 Definition of Different Jumps

A competitor will be required to perform two different Aerials jumps. Jumps shall be considered to be different if in:

4008.5.1 Upright Manoeuvres

Upright manoeuvres, there is a change in the number of manoeuvres performed or the kind of manoeuvre performed;

4008.5.2 Upright Rotational Manoeuvres

Upright Rotational manoeuvres; there is a change in the number of rotations;

4008.5.3 Inverted Manoeuvres;

4008.5.3.1 There is a change from front to back or vice versa;

4008.5.3.2 There are a different number of manoeuvres;

4008.5.3.3 There are a different number of twists but the number of somersaults remains the same.

4008.5.3.4 Special provisions for multiple somersaults: when there is the same number of twists and somersaults for both jumps, the number of twists done in a single somersault must differ by at least one twist.

4008.6 Starting Procedure

Refusal to start will be treated as a balk. See Rule 3057.11.

4008.7 Practice of Jumps

A competitor cannot perform a jump in competition, which has a higher degree of difficulty than jumps they performed in the official training sessions for that competition. This applies to each category of jumps, Front, Back and Upright.

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