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  1. Snowblower - track (263 bytes)
    2: [[Image:Tracked snow blower.jpg]]

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  1. Ski Cross World Cup Inspection Report (13,361 bytes)
    5: == '''The Ski Cross Competition Slope, Track and Features''' ==
  2. Development of A Moguls Course (5,751 bytes)
    28: ... layout) and one snowcat-width away from the last track on the left side (about 9.5 m from centerline on ...
    32: a blue pole marking the wavetops of the second track of the snowcat.
    34: ...etops as the first line (red poles) and each even track (4, 6) will have the same wavetops as the second ...
    44: == First Track ==
    46: The first and the second track are the most important part of the snowcat-work. ...
  3. Ski Cross Course Photos (2,379 bytes)
    41: [[Image:NoreFjell NOR Ski Cross Track outline.jpg|600px]]
    86: *'''[[Ski Cross Course Tracks]]'''
  4. General Definitions (54,356 bytes)
    91: ... course. Definition lines are also sprayed on the track at right angles near jumps and other severe chang...
    320: ..., or person for the purpose of identification and tracking using '''[[radio]]''' waves. Some tags can be ...
    454: ...ressed. Some of these events, such as luge, short track speed skating, and '''[[freestyle skiing]]''' hav...
  5. Stadium (1,881 bytes)
    16: ...rom the tiered infrastructure surrounding a Roman track of such length.
  6. 4502 (3,145 bytes)
    5: The Ski Cross track width for 4 to 6 competitors, shall be no less th...
    14: The track should be closed to the public at least '''24''' ...
  7. Schedule Dry Rule (18,020 bytes)
    33: ... OC needs to establish link with air compaines to track bags and support the arrivial of the bag.
  8. Ski Cross Course Development (2,837 bytes)
    20: == '''2. The Track''' ==
    36: ...''[[Ski Cross Features]]''' are to be used on the Track?
    103: *'''[[Ski Cross Course Tracks]]'''
  9. 4302 (4,771 bytes)
    24: ...oothed out, deep ruts, ice balls and snow machine tracks should be removed. Bumps that throw the competit...
    47: ...e at equally spaced intervals. (The width of each track on Dual Moguls courses shall be set at 6.5 m ± 0...
  10. Hand Timers (6,179 bytes)
    30: ... not finish ('''[[DNF]]'''). This is already kept track of by the Start and Finish referees. Just record ...
  11. Starter and Assistant Starter (3,327 bytes)
    22: ...skiers and record on start list. Take position in track so that the next skier cannot accidentally enter ...
    24: ...all skiers arriving late to the recall/late start track. A late start can be defined as being more than t...
    27: ...false start” skiers from the recall/late start track. A recalled skier should start as soon as possibl...
  12. Lukjanovs Skirace (2,045 bytes)
    3: ...s start 5km (girls)/10km (boys).[[Image:Lukjanovs track 2010.jpg|right|190px]]
    5: * The Lukjanovs Track races took its name after the famous couple of Ru...
    23: Lukjanovs' ski-track
  13. 1.3.1 Event Medical Director (2,857 bytes)
    26: ... '''[[Technical Delegate]]''' with the record and track all incidents that occur during official training...
  14. Freestyle Equipment List (48,188 bytes)
    349: | '''[[Snowblower]]''' track,
    353: | '''[[Snowblower - track]]''', 1336IC 
    1060: ...-cats]]''' is an enclosed-cab, truck sized, fully tracked vehicle designed to move on snow. Snowcats are ...
  15. Slope Raking Ski Cross (845 bytes)
    1: ...g Ski Cross.jpg|300px|thumb|Raking the slope, the track and the '''[[skiing line]]''' smooths the '''[[sn...
    3: Raking the slope, the track and the '''[[skiing line]]''' smooths the '''[[sn...
  16. Ski Cross Passing (471 bytes)
    4: Note the distance to the track in the end of the shot.
  17. Helicopter Camera (681 bytes)
    3: Note the distance to the track in the end of the shot. Cineflex HD gyro is stabl...
  18. Dye (1,852 bytes)
    3: ...e dye sprayed in a narrow line at the side of the track ("the line") that gives the skiers definition of ...
    5: Definition lines are also sprayed on the track at right angles near jumps and other severe chang...
  19. Snow and Weather Glossary (125,201 bytes)
    660: ...'' after a '''[[snowfall]]''' to make competition track and course easier and safer. This is done by both...
  20. Slip Crew (404 bytes)
    1: ... sliding down the slope on skis to smooth out the track.

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