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Primary AxisPrime mover
PrinterPrivate Bed UnitPrize Money - Freestyle World Cup
Pro jumpProduction Element
Professional video cameraProfile of an Aerial Course
Prohibited List
Project KidsPromotion & Pricing
Promotion and other activities for children at World Cup CompetitionsProtection
ProtestProvisional homologation
Pruners HandlePublic Announcement System
Public Bed UnitPuck
Pure waterPyeongChang 2018 OWG BidPyramidal peak
Q for finalQin Huangdao Training Center China
QuadrupleQual for final
Quartz Clock
Quartz crystalQuebec City (CAN) 20.-22.10.2011 Judges Clinic
Quebec City CANQueenstown NZL August 20 - 29, 2009 Judges ClinicQuicky hoppskole – Ski jumping schools for children
Race ConstructionRace DirectorRace points
RacedateRadiationRadiational Cooling
RadioRadio-frequency identificationRadio Battery
Radio ChargerRadio MicrophoneRadio channel
RainRain crustRain shadow
Rainbow BoxRainbow RailRainbow to Kicker Box
RakeRake Landscape
Ramp Angle Adjustment
Randomly drawn
Rated Uphill Capacity
RatingsRavineRaw image format
Receives no scoreRecruitment Camps
Red Deer, Canada
ReflectionRegional Mountain ResortRegistered jack
Regulatory AuthoritiesRemote
Report of the Freestyle Coordinator Dubrovnik (CRO) 2009Report of the Freestyle Rules and Officials Chairman Dubrovnik (CRO)Rescheduled
Restraining bar
Reverse CamberReverse troughReview of 2009-2010 Freestyle Skiing Precisions
Review of changes to Freestyle Skiing ICR Spring 2010 - Antalya, TURRibbon lakeRidge
Rights of the Jury
RimeRiparian areasRivella Family Contest
Roggenbeuren Bodensee GER October 21-24, 2010 Judges ClinicRoggenbeuren Bodensee GER October 22-25, 2009 Judges Clinic
Role of the Competition CommitteeRoll call
RopeRope Speed
Rope TowRosa Khutor RUS
Rosa Khutor Ski AreaRotation
Ruka (FIN), TD Clinic, November 18th - 20th, 2011Ruka 2005
Rules of the FIS Points FreestyleRun
Rundown SheetRundown sheetRunning
Running TimeRutsS-Air Saitama
SWIFT codeSXSX Flag Person
SaddleSafe areaSafety Bindings
Safety Pads - TowersSaltSalt Lake City 2002
SaltwaterSample Collection Session
Sanosaka Hakuba, NaganoSapporo, JPN 21.-22.11.2010Sapporo 2007
Satellite relaySatellite television
Satellite truckSauze D'Oulx Ski Area
Sauze D'Oulx Venue DesignSauze D'Oulx Venue PhotosSauze Zones and Exits
Saw CarpenterSaw Circular Battery OperatedSchedule Dry Rule
ScheduledSchool Ski Day
School Ski ProgramSchool Team Cup
Score verifier
ScoreboardScoreboard Operator
Scotch tapeScraperScree
Sea iceSea levelSeason
Season 0910 Snow Control, Judges and TD arrival and departure infoSeason 2008 - 2009 Competitiors and CompetitionsSeason 2008 - 2009 Competitiors and Starts
Season 2008 - 2009 Freestyle FIS World Cup StatsSeason 2008 - 2009 Overall Races and StartsSeason 2009 - 2010 Competitiors and Starts
Season 2009 - 2010 Freestyle FIS World CupSeason 2010 - 2011 Freestyle FIS World CupSeason 2011 - 2012 Freestyle FIS World Cup
Season 2012 - 2013 Freestyle FIS World CupSeasonally frozenSeasonally frozen ground
SecondSecondary AxisSecondary Role
Section Leader
SectorSeedSeed list
Seed pointsSeeding
Seeding for the QualificationSerac
Serial digital interfaceService area
Service techSet-top boxSetting
Setting of the GatesSeven-SegmentSex
ShapersShaping Crew
SharesShengyang, ChinaShort Flat Turns
Shot ListShoulderShovel
Shovel Grain ScoopShovel Snow FloatShovel Steel short handle D-grip
Shovel grinder sharpenerShovels, Square, Steel, Short Handle, D-grip
Side Flip
Side slippingSidecut
Sierra Nevada 2017Sierra Nevada SPASierra Nevada SPA World Cup 2010
Sierra Nevada SPA World Cup 2013SievertSignal processing
SiliconeSimilarity and Differences Freestyle Ski Cross and Alpine Ski RacingSingle
Single-mode optical fiberSingle Moguls and Ski Cross Qualification Timing Plan
Sintered BaseSite Inspection Sierra Nevada August 2009Site Inspection Sierra Nevada May 2009
Size of Triangular GatesSkating
Ski-Walk AdjustmentSki Boots
Ski CrossSki Cross Air TimeSki Cross Camera Positions
Ski Cross CamerasSki Cross Competitor AdvisorsSki Cross Competitor Advisors Season 2012-2013
Ski Cross Course Cypress CANSki Cross Course DetailsSki Cross Course Details small
Ski Cross Course DevelopmentSki Cross Course DrawingsSki Cross Course Inawashiro 2009
Ski Cross Course PhotosSki Cross Course PreparationSki Cross Course Preparation Crew
Ski Cross Course SpecificationsSki Cross Course Tracks
Ski Cross CoursesSki Cross DetailsSki Cross Draw Team Captains Meeting - Cypress Mountain 2009
Ski Cross FIS Freestyle World CupSki Cross FIS Race DirectorSki Cross Features
Ski Cross Final Timing PlanSki Cross Finish Areas
Ski Cross Finish Inawashiro 2009Ski Cross Gate Keepers EducationSki Cross Gates and Turns
Ski Cross GlossarySki Cross JumpsSki Cross Landings
Ski Cross LocationSki Cross Next EventSki Cross On Course
Ski Cross OpenerSki Cross PassingSki Cross Photo Finish
Ski Cross Podiums PresentationSki Cross Podiums Presentation 1st PlaceSki Cross Podiums Presentation 2nd Place
Ski Cross Podiums Presentation 3rd PlaceSki Cross Race FlowSki Cross Reaction Time
Ski Cross Reaction Time MeasurementSki Cross ResultSki Cross Result - Heat
Ski Cross Result - Heat - FinalSki Cross RulesSki Cross Skill - Jumping
Ski Cross StartSki Cross Start - Heat
Ski Cross Start GateSki Cross Start Gate StandardsSki Cross Startlist
Ski Cross Straight SectionsSki Cross Suit Measurement ToolSki Cross TV Director
Ski Cross TV GraphicsSki Cross TV ProductionSki Cross Technical Data
Ski Cross TurnsSki Cross WeatherSki Cross Weather small
Ski Cross World Cup Entry and Results ProcessSki Cross World Cup Inspection ReportSki Cross World Cup Leader
Ski Cross World Cup StandingSki Cross World Cup VideosSki Cross vs. Snowboard Cross times, speeds and percentage differences Vancouver 2010
Ski GlovesSki Goggles
Ski JumpingSki Lessons at school
Ski Poles
Ski RacksSki Related Definitions
Ski StoppersSki area
Ski base
Ski i skolen –Skiing activities in school
Ski jumping – ski equipment for children
Ski liftSki marking
Ski preparation
Ski resortSki suit
Ski tip
Ski trail capacitySkier Rider Ability Level
Skiers LeftSkiers Right
Skiing for School Kids (Argentina)Skiing for Schools (Armenia)
Skiing lineSkileikanlegg – Arena built for childrens activities on one pair of skies
SkisSkitty World / Skitty Village
SkyglowSlant BoxSlap Back
Sledge Hammers
SleetSlider VisitSling
Sling-shotSlip CrewSlip Crew Leaders
Slip Stations
Slip stationsSlippers
SlopeSlope LengthSlope Orientation
Slope Raking Ski Cross
SlopestyleSlopestyle Ski Cross Rosa KhutorSlow motion
SlushSmall Jumps
Small finalSnow
Snow AccumulationSnow AdvisorySnow Banner
Snow BlindnessSnow Child‘s PlaySnow Control, Officials Arrival and Departure Dates Season 2008 - 2009
Snow CorniceSnow CoverSnow Coverage on the Earth
Snow CreepSnow CrustSnow Crystals
Snow DepthSnow Devil
Snow EaterSnow FlakesSnow Flurry / Flurries
Snow For Free / “White Bus”Snow Garland
Snow GrainsSnow LevelSnow Line
Snow MakingSnow PelletsSnow Quality
Snow ReserveSnow RollerSnow Scoop
Snow ShowerSnow Sintering
Snow SliderSnow Squall
Snow Water EquivalentSnow and Course Preparation
Snow and Weather Glossary
Snow density
Snow gun
Snow patch
Snow probeSnow rake
Snow removalSnow temperature
Snow temperature gradientSnowballSnowball maker
SnowblowerSnowblower - trackSnowburn
Snowflake GallerySnowmaggedon
Snowmaking gunsSnowmaking system
Snowsports in Schools
Sochi 2014Sochi 2014 Rosa Khutor Freestyle Skiing Snowboard Park PlansSocket Set
Sodium chlorideSoil
Speakers - Outdoor
Specialty channel
SpineSponsor Recognition FIS Freestyle World CupSport
Sport and IF ServicesSport discipline
Sports Festivals for Children and YouthSports channels
Spray Paint RedSprayer
Spring crust
SpringsSpurSquare meter
Square point shovelSqueezed
St. Johann i.T. OberndorfSt. Petersburg RUS October 7-10, 2010 Judges ClinicSt Johann in Tirol AUT January 2010
StabilityStadiumStand Up
Standard-definition television
Standards For Testing - WADAStandards the For Homologation of the Ski Cross Start Gates
Staple GunsStapler
StarlightStart Area
Start CommandsStart Crews
Start Permission and “Three Phase Start
Start RefereeStart TV Cameras - Freestyle
Start gateStart handlesStart number
Starter and Assistant Starter
StatusSteamboat Springs, ColoradoSteep Jump
Step Down JumpStep Up Jump
Step Up Jumps
Stockholm SWE October 8-11, 2009 InformationStockholm SWE October 8-11, 2009 Judges ClinicStop Start
Stop Watches
Straight JumpStraight Jumps
StreamStreaming media
Structure of an Optical FiberStubby
SubalpineSublimationSubsidized/Free Skiing Days
Successful Sports Parenting
Summary Of Kids Projects and ProgramsSummary Table Ski Cross Courses - WC 2003 - 2010 and the WSCSummer
Summer Condition TrainingSummit
Sun Chart Sochi 2014 Rosa KhutorSun chartSun crust
SunriseSunsetSuomu FIN
Suomu FIN December 10 2009 @ 16:30 DrawSuomu FIN December 11 2009 @ 17:00 DrawSuomu FIN December 2009
Suomu FIN December 9, 2009 1st TCM
SupercoolingSupersaturationSupport Official
Surface TensionSurface area
Synthetic fibersSynthetic polymers
T-bar Lift
TBDTCM World Cup Season 2008-2009
TCM World Cup Season 2009-2010TD Licensing
TD Material 2009TD Seminar Beijing CHN November 2009 Delegates
TVTV Cameras
TV Cameras AerialsTV Compound - Freestyle Skiing
TV Distribution Freestyle Skiing Season 2008 - 2009TV Distribution Freestyle Skiing Season 2009 - 2010TV Glossary of Terms
TV Production StandardsTV Standards Freestyle Skiing
T Connector Banner Frame
TableTable-topTable of facts and figures from the 2002 and 2006 Olympic Winter Games
TalentTalk Group
Tape-SurveyTape ElectricalTarget market
Team Captains' MeetingTeam Captains Check List
Team Captains Information WSC 2009Team Captains Meeting RoomTeam Captains’ Meeting
Team Captains’ meetingTeam Entries and Deadlines Freestyle FIS World Cup 0910
Teams arrival and departure information Freestyle FIS World Cup Season 0910
Technical Delegate EducationTechnical Infrastructure Requirements for Freestyle Skiing
Technical InstallationsTechnical fabrics
Telemark for childrenTelenor Karusellen
TelevisionTelevision Technical Standards
Television network
Television newsTelevision news channelTelevision set
Television standards conversionTelevision studio
TemperatureTemperature-Compensated CrystalTemperature gradient
Terrain Pod
Terrain parksTerrestrial Television
Test for upload ski crossTest for upload ski cross 2Textile
Thaiwoo CHNThaw
Thaw depth
The Assistant StarterThe Background on Freestyle SkiingThe Bib Coordinator
The Chief StewardThe Chief Time Keeper
The Chief of CompetitionThe Chief of CourseThe Chief of Course Equipment
The Chief of Gate JudgesThe Chief of Inrun and Chief of JumpsThe Chief of Maintenance
The Chief of Medical and Rescue ServicesThe Chief of PressThe Chief of Scoring
The Chief of SoundThe Chief of Sound and DJThe Chief of Timing
The Committee for Freestyle SkiingThe Competition Committee
The Competition SecretaryThe Connection Coach
The Course Designer
The FIS Freestyle Technical DelegateThe FIS Freestyle Technical Officials - IntroductionThe FIS SnowKidz
The FIS Technical Delegate
The Finish OfficialsThe Finish RefereeThe First Aid and Medical Service
The Freestyle Competition CommitteeThe Freestyle FIS TD Commissioner ProgramThe Gate Judges
The RefereeThe Science of Snowmaking
The Start RampThe Start RefereeThe Starter
The Sub-Committee for Freestyle Rules and Officials
Therapeutic Use Exemption
Thermal PrinterThermometerThickness of ski boot soles
Three-dimensionalThunder Snow
TieTie-break pointsTie-breaking
Ties in Heats before the FinalTiger torchTillers
Time Of DayTime Offset Table
Time codeTime of DayTime points

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