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Halfpipe Mini Standing (during a competition)Halfpipe Next EventHalfpipe Opener
Halfpipe Podiums PresentationHalfpipe Podiums Presentation 1st PlaceHalfpipe Podiums Presentation 2nd Place
Halfpipe Podiums Presentation 3rd PlaceHalfpipe ResultHalfpipe Score to beat
Halfpipe Ski all entries 2002 to 2009Halfpipe StartlistHalfpipe TV Director
Halfpipe TV GraphicsHalfpipe TV ProductionHalfpipe Weather
Halfpipe Weather smallHalfpipe World Cup Standing
HaliteHammer 5lbs / 2kg
Hammer clipHand TimersHand Timing
Handle Tow LiftHanging Valley
Hard Disk RecorderHash marks
Hatch marksHaul Rope
HazeHead JudgeHead Judge's Terminal
HeadwallHealthy Hometowns
HeatHeat orderHeat transfer
HeightHeight and DistanceHeight and distance
HelicopterHelicopter Camera
HelmetsHelsinki(FIN), TD Clinic, November 9th - 11th, 2012Helsinki (FIN) 07.-11.11.2012 Judges Clinic
HertzHeterogeneous Nucleation
High-altitudeHigh-definition video
High intensity dischargeHigh score
Historical Worldwide Climate and WeatherHistory of Olympic Freestyle Skiing
Hold down assemblyHoldsHole shot
Homogeneous Nucleation
Homologated TimerHomologationHomologation number
HorizonHorizontal Axis
Horizontal Length
Hot BedHourHourly Capacity
House BoxHousehold
How big can snowflakes getHow big can snowflakes get?How does snow form if the ground temperature is above freezing
How to plan a World Snow Day EventHumerus
HumidityHumidtyHuski Snow Stars Program
INAWASHIRO 2009 FIS Freestyle World Championships Medal Count By NationINFO
I Love Snow
IceIce CrystalIce Crystals
Ice FallIce Particle
Ice PelletsIce StormIce age
Ice fieldIce fogIce nucleus
Ice pellets
Ice sheets
In-Line TowerIn-run
Inawashiro 2009Inawashiro 2009 FIS Freestyle World Championships - TV DistributionInawashiro JPN
Inawashiro News LettersInawashiro Ski Cross Course for 2009 WSC
Inawashiro WSC Course PhotosInclination
InclinometerIndoor Slopes
Infobox ski areaInformation and education for parents, guardians and teachers
Infrared ThermometerInfront Sports & Media AG
Injection Point
Innichen - San Candido ITAInnichen San Candido ITA December 18, 2009 1st TCMInnichen San Candido ITA December 2009
InputInrunInrun Markers
Inrun speed Timing
Inside EdgeInside gateInside line
Inside poleInsolationInspection
Inspection and Training Sessions Principles FreestyleInstant replay
IntensityInteractive television
IntercomInterfaceInterface Cable
IntermediateIntermodalInternal mixing guns
International Bank Account NumberInternational Competition Rules
International Kinder4schanzentournee
InternetInternet Protocol Television
Introduction Freestyle FIS World Cup Page 2InversionInverted Jumps
Iron CrossIs it ever too cold to snow
It About Getting Some Air FIS FS World CupJ
JackJet StreamJib
Jindabyne AUS August 17 - 18, 2009 Judges ClinicJisan ParkJob Descriptions
Joule–Thomson effectJudge
Judges' Scoring TerminalsJudges, Technical Delegates and Officials Assignments World Cup 2009-2010Judges Assistants
Judges Clinic 2009-2010Judges ClinicsJudges Clinics 2009-2010
Judges Clinics 2010-2011Judges Clinics 2011-2012Judges Clinics 2012-2013
Judges Clinics 2013-2014Judges EducationJudges Proctors Clinic 2009-2010
Judges Score AnalysisJudges SeperationsJudges Stand
Judges protocol
Judging ProceduresJump
Jump FormsJump and Air Bump ShapersJump and Jump Shaping
Jump codeJumpin Mettmenstetten SwitzerlandJumps
Jumps then TurnsJuryJury Official
JuskilaJyväskylä, FIN, 12.-14.11.2010
Jyväskylä, FIN, November 14-15 2009 TD ClinicJärpen Jämtland Sweden
K-Air Kuwana MieKO System
K bandKa bandKanhugen Freestyle Arena
KelvinKeppare Shizukuishi, MoriokaKevlar
KgKickerKicker To Down Box
Kids on SnowKids on Snow & Kids on Snow on Tour (Germany)
KilowattKilowatt Hour
Kiss and Cry Zone
Knoll Master AerialsKnuckleKnuckled
KosakKrasnoe Ozero
Kreischberg, AustriaKreischberg 2015Kreischberg AUT
Ku bandL'Alpe d'Huez FRA
LZ (Landing Zone)La Plagne FRALa Plagne FRA WC Final 2009
Lac Beauport Quebec CanadaLadderLake
Lake Placid USALake Tazawako JPN
LaminationLand marks
Land massLandformLandform Gallery
Landgraaf Youth and Children's Seminar 2006Landing
Landing AngleLanding Preparation
Lane choice
LastLasted LinerLatent heat
Lateral AxisLateral Upper-cuff Adjustment
Lay, fullLay, full, fullLay, full, tuck
Lay, lay, fullLay, tuckLay, tuck, full
Lay, tuck, tuckLayout
Leap secondLearn to ski
LeatherLes Contamines FRA
LevelLi-ionLiberec 2009
Lift CapacityLift Capacity Per HourLift Design
Lift Line SpeedLift lines
Lift ticket
Lift towerLight
Lighting Glossary
Lighting InstallationLighting QualityLillehammer 1994
Linear video editingLines on the TableLink title
LiquidLiquid Crystal Display
List World Cup Final AwardsList of Homologated Ski Cross Start gatesListel Fukushima
Listel Venue Inawashiro 2009.JPG
Live-to-tapeLive television
Loading Area
Local area networkLocation - FIS Freestyle World Cup.JPG
Location of Officials on the CourseLockedLong Flat Turn
Long Turns with FeaturesLong shot
LongitudeLoopLoop Full
Los Angeles de San Rafael
Lukjanovs SkiraceLukjanovs Skirace)
LumenLumens Per Watt
Madonna 2007
Magglingen Youth and Children's Seminar 2003Magic Carpet
Magnesium chlorideMain Page
MainsMains power requiredMajor Officials Assignments
Major Officials Selection ProcessMajor RoleMale (connector)
Mallet RubberManagement OfficialManual Auger
Manual hand timingMarket segmentation
MarshalsMassMass market
Material & EquipmentMaximum GradeMaze
Measuring Tape
Measuring the Jump AngleMechanical Timers
Media FIS Freestyle World CupMedia Information Summary ReportMedia Services
Media TribuneMedia Zone
Media clipMedia server
Medical & EthicsMedical GuideMedical Meeting FIS Freestyle World Championships Inawashiro 2009
Medium JumpsMedium Traverse
Megeve FRA
Meiringen SUI
Melt Freeze MetamorphismMelting
Melting LevelMelting Point
MemoryMeribel FRA
MeråkerMetal Halide lamp
Metre per second
MidstationMilano ITAMinakami Air Field Minakami, Gunnma
MinutesMissed gate
MistMixed Precipitation
Mixed Zone Freestyle SkiingMixer System
Mobile UplinkMobile phone
Moenchengladbach GERMogulMogul Aerial Halfpipe Rosa Khutor
Mogul Air Bump CameraMogul Airbump Shapers and Connection Coaches WC 2010/2011Mogul Course Check List
Mogul Course Cypress CANMogul Course DetailsMogul Course Details small
Mogul Course Finish AreaMogul Course Inawashiro 2009Mogul Course Specification
Mogul CoursesMogul Courses FIS Freestyle World Cup 2008-2009Mogul Courses Freestyle FIS World Cup Measurements
Mogul Draw Team Captains Meeting - Cypress Mountain 2009Mogul Draw Team Captains Meeting - Deer Valley 28.01.09 at 17.00Mogul Entries 1999 - 2009
Mogul FIS Race DirectorMogul Final Competitor ResultMogul Final Competitor Start
Mogul GlossaryMogul Judges StandMogul Judging And Scoring
Mogul Jump DefinitionsMogul Jumps FIS Freestyle World CupMogul Location
Mogul Mini Standing (during a competition)Mogul Next EventMogul Opener
Mogul Podiums PresentationMogul Podiums Presentation 1st PlaceMogul Podiums Presentation 2nd Place
Mogul Podiums Presentation 3rd PlaceMogul Qualification Competitor ResultMogul Qualification Competitor Start
Mogul ResultMogul RulesMogul Slopes
Mogul Startlist QualificationMogul TV DirectorMogul TV Production
Mogul TechniqueMogul TimingMogul Weather
Mogul Weather smallMogul World Cup StandingMogul and Dual Mogul Course Examples
Mogul course
MogulsMoguls Air Bump Shapers Connection Coaches 08-09
Moguls Inawashiro 2009Moguls Introduction FIS Freestyle World Cup
Moguls Judging 2009-2010Moguls Skiing VideosMoguls Start Command
Moguls TV GraphicsMoguls all entries 1999 to 2009Moguls  Air Bump Shapers Connection Coaches 08-09
Mont Gabriel CAN
MonthMontreal(CAN), 22.-24.11.2013 B Clinic
Montreal CAN October 15-17, 2009 Judges ClinicMoonlightMoraine
More than just Skiing FIS Freestyle World CupMoscow
MountainMountain BreezeMountain Ecosystem
Mountain GlossaryMountain Wave
Mountain master planning processMountain rangeMountain slopes
Mountains and Mountain Forests Global Statistical Summary
Mule KickMulti-mode optical fiber
MultilateralMultimedia Broadcast Multicast Service
Multiple ManoeuvresMultiplexer
MultiplexingMunich 2018 OWG BidMuri (SUI), 24.11.2012 FS Ski HP/SS B Clinic
Myrkdalen-Voss NOR 1st Team Captains Meeting MO 17.02.09Myrkdalen-Voss NOR 1st Team Captains Meeting SX 16.02.09Myrkdalen - Voss NOR
NadirNagano 1998
Nagano 1998 Freestyle Skiing ResultsNagano 1998 logosNail
Nations CupNations FIS Freestyle World CupNatural Sound
Natural fibersNegative Turns
NeopreneNet Time
New Snow
New table workNewtonNiCd
NiMHNiche market
NightNight time Freestyle Skiing Competitions
NitrogenNon-linear editingNorefjell NOR
North PoleNorthern Hemisphere
Notebook-Rite in the RainNozzle configuration
OB Van
OCOC Info La Plagne FRA 2009OG
ORIS 2010 Homologation Test
OVROWGOWG Freestyle Stadiums
OWG Vancouver 2010 Test Event February 2009Oberaudorf WasserschanzeOceanic climate
Off-AxisOff Axis
OfficialOfficial Notice Board
Official notice boardOfficials Arm Bands
Officials EducationOfficials’ Expenses
Offline editingOgives
Olympic Results and Information System
Olympic Winter Games - Freestyle SkiingOn Course
Online editingOpening System
Optical fiber cableOptical fiber connector
Organisation Committee Meetings
Organization of the FIS Committee for Freestyle Skiing
Organized Snow DaysOrganizers Evaluation System
Organizers FIS Freestyle Ski World Cup 2010/2011Organizers FIS Freestyle Ski World Cup 2011/2012Organizers FIS Freestyle Ski World Cup 2012/2013
Organizers Seminar Dubrovnik CROOrganizing Committee RolesOrography
OscillatorOslo (NOR) 27.-30.10.2011 Judges ClinicOther Background Information Freestyle Information
Other Data Service DevelopmentsOther Freestyle Outputs and ReportsOther Freestyle Skiing Competitions
Other Items Inawashiro JapanOutdoor Idols
Outer shellOutput
Outside gateOutside line
Outside of the Fences - Freestyle SkiingOutside poleOver-illumination
Overlap BootsOverlay ConceptOvertaking
Overview CamerasOverview of AerialsOverview of Half-Pipe Skiing
Overview of Mogul SkiingOverview of Ski CrossOxidation
OxygenOxygen-16Oxygen isotope ratio cycle
OzoneOzone Layer
P2PPB 300PB 600 Winch
PTSPace Time
Pace timePainting the Jumps
Palandöken Mountain Erzurum TUR Site Inspection August 2009Pancaked
PanningParabolic microphonePark City, USA, October 29th – 31st, 2010
Park City (USA) 25.-28.10.2012 Judges A ClinicPark City USA October 21-24 2010 Judges Clinic
Park City Utah Aerail InfoPark FeaturesPark Rake
Partial pressurePass
PencilPercentage (%) of maximum
Perischer AUSPermafrostPhase
Phase change
Photo AreasPhoto finish
Physical Features of MountainsPhysical weatheringPick
Pico Veleta 30-meter telescope
PikePine Boughs
Pinty, Slopy, Misty and JibPipe Monster
Placement of the GatePlane
PlasticPlastic BarrelPlateau
Platter LiftPlaying in the Snow (Portugal)Playout
Podium Shot and camerasPoint cloudPolar Snowboard Camp
Pole GripPole bag
PopPortable multimedia player
Portable toiletPortoroz SLO Freestyle Ski World Cup Organizers Meeting June 2011Position
Post-productionPost Competition Design, Set Up and Operation
PostponedPouch laminator
Power strapPozidrive Tool
Pre-JumpPre-productionPre Clinic Test
Pressure ChangePrevailing WindPrice giving ceremony/Installations

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