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Civil Twilight
ClassificationClaw Hammers
ClipboardClockClock drift
ClockworkClockwork mechanismsClose-up
Closed-circuit television
Cloud albedoCloudsCm
Coaches AreaCoaching & ParentingCoaching Camps for School Children
Coaxial cable
Coil winding reelColCold
Cold BedCold front
Cold wave
Color Rendering IndexColor Temperature
Color barColor commentator
Color commentatorsColored bibs
ColoringColoring agentColoring the Course and Features
ComealongComing Into a RollerCommentator
Commercial Bed
Commercial Markings on EquipmentCommunication channel
Communications / Internet ConnectionCommunications satelliteComox Valley(CAN), 22.-24.11.2013 B Clinic
CompetitionCompetition & TrainingCompetition Advertising FIS Freestyle World Cup
Competition DefinitionsCompetition Details
Competition Locations Inawashiro 2009Competition ManagementCompetition Marketing and Promotion
Competition Officials Freestyle ICRCompetition Organization
Competition Procedures
Competition Program Design Process
Competition SchedulingCompetition SecretaryCompetition Year
Competitions Freestyle WC 2009 - 2010
Competitions Freestyle WC 2010 - 2011Competitions Freestyle WC 2012 - 2013
Competitors’ Advisory Committees
Composite video
ConduitConnection Coach Ski Cross / FIS Freestyle Ski World Cup 2010-2011
Connection CoachesConnection coaches 2011/2012Connection coaches 2012/2013
ConnectorConstruction LightsConstructive metamorphosis
Contact Information FIS Freestyle World CupContact information for FIS WC Freestyle Team Captains - Coaches 0809
Contact information for FIS WC Freestyle Team Captains and Coaches 2009 - 2010ContainerContour line
Control Gate
Controlled Recreation AreaConvection
Cooling towerCoordinated Universal TimeCopyright
CorduroyCorn Snow
Corner JumpCorner jump
Corresponding Base Area PhaseCorresponding Mountain PhaseCouloir
Count Down ClockCount down clock
CourseCourse Crew Leaders
Course DataCourse Description Ski Cross
Course HoldCourse Name
Course Preparation CrewsCourse Preparation Freestyle
Course design
Course designerCourse length
Course setters measuring tapeCourse testingCourt of Arbitration for Sport
Covering the JumpsCrampon
Creating a Snow PatchCrecent Wrench
Cross-hatchingCross country cross, Kombicross, Skicross for children
CrossarmCrow BarCrown snow-load
CryosphereCrystalCrystal Faceting
CuffCumulative audienceCup Standing
Current seasonCut and Fill
Cypress Freestyle Skiing Stadiums
Cypress Mountain CAN 2009Cypress Venue PhotosCzech SnowKidz Park (Czech)
DVD-AudioDVD player
Data ServiceData Service Requirements World Cup
DeckDeck outDeconstructive metamorphosis
Deep Hoar SnowDeer Valley 2003
Deer Valley 2009Deer Valley 2011Deer Valley USA
Deer Valley Venue PhotosDefining Mountain Regions
DegreeDegree of difficulty
Degrees of RotationDelayed
DensityDesign LumensDestination Mountain Resort
Detachable ChairliftDetachable GripDetailed Interval and Duration Schedule Vancouver 2010
Determination of winnerDevelopment of A Moguls Course
Development of the Helmet CamerasDewDew Point
Diamond Dust
Did Not Start
Did not startDiffusionDigit
Digital TelevisionDigital Terrestrial Television
Digital Video BroadcastingDigital audio
Digital audio consoleDigital cableDigital media
Digital networksDigital recording
Digital rights management
Digital videoDigital video recorder
Direct broadcast satelliteDirect current
Direction of TravelDiscipline
Display resolution
Does snow change how sound waves travelDonauinselDoping Control
Doping Control OfficerDoping Control Station
Doppler RadarDot matrixDouble
Double UprightDouble black diamond
Double fullDouble full, full, fullDouble layout
Double somersaultDown-LineDown Flat Down Box
Down Flat Down RailDown RailDownhill turning
DownlinkDownslope Effect
DraftingDrawDrifting Snow
DriftsDrill 18 Volt
Drill Bit 32mm
Drive TerminalDrizzleDrum
Dry Bulb ThermometerDry Run TestDry ice
Dual Mogul Course DetailsDual Mogul Course Specification
Dual Mogul Draw Team Captains Meeting - Deer Valley 30.01.09 at 09.00Dual Mogul FIS Race DirectorDual Mogul Final Result
Dual Mogul Final StartDual Mogul Gate StandardsDual Mogul Location
Dual Mogul Next EventDual Mogul OpenerDual Mogul Podiums Presentation
Dual Mogul Podiums Presentation 1st PlaceDual Mogul Podiums Presentation 2nd PlaceDual Mogul Podiums Presentation 3rd Place
Dual Mogul Qualification Competitor ResultDual Mogul Qualification Competitor StartDual Mogul Result
Dual Mogul Start GateDual Mogul Startlist QualificationDual Mogul TV Director
Dual Mogul TV ProductionDual Mogul WeatherDual Mogul Weather small
Dual Mogul World Cup StandingDual Moguls Start Command
Dual Moguls TV GraphicsDubDublin Youth and Children's Seminar 2005
Duration of Training SessionsDusk
DyeDye Recipe
EVSEarth Systems
EdgingEdinburgh, GBR, October 29th - 31st, 2010Edinburgh GBR November 3 -7, 2010 Judges Clinic
Education & SchoolingEducation & schoolingEffective Edge
Electrical polarityElectromagnetic
Electronic Programme GuideElectronic Timers
ElevationEmergency Medical Care
Emergency Medical TechnicianEmulsify
Enclosed Results AreaEntries Deer Valley 2003
Entries Deer Valley 2011Entries Gangwon KOR WSC 2009Entries Inawashiro 2009
Entries La Molina 2011Entries Madonna di Campiglio 2007Entries Ruka 2005
Entries Voss 2013Entries Whistler 2001
Entry Point
Environmentally sensitiveEquator
Equipment and Tool Suppliers - Freestyle Skiing
Erzurum TurkeyEscarpment
Esqui Escolar/skiing for school kids(Argentina)Esqui Escolar (skiing for school kids)(Argentina
Establishing shotEstimation of Entries WSC 2015Ethernet
Ethernet CableEutectic systemEvacuation / Transport
EventEvent Action Plan
Event Medical Plan Freestyle SkiingEventname
Example 1 Result SheetExample 2 Result SheetExample 3 Result Sheet
Example 4 Result SheetExamples of Water Ramps
Exit GateExit Gate Camera
ExitanceExtensible Markup LanguageExtension
Extension CordsExternal mixing guns
ExtrinsicFAQ Freestyle Skiing
FAQ Ski Cross Ski SuitsFAQ Snow
FISFIS.C.5.7 Freestyle Skiing Random Selection
FIS Alpine World Ski ChampionshipsFIS Alpine World Ski Championships in
FIS Committee for Freestyle Skiing in Dubrovnik (CRO), May 20th - 25, 2009
FIS Freestyle CompetitionsFIS Freestyle Coordinator
FIS Freestyle Nor-Am CupFIS Freestyle Nor-Am Statistics
FIS Freestyle Ski World Cup Final Ceremonies ScriptFIS Freestyle Ski World Cup Season 1011 Snow Control Judges, TD arrival and departure
FIS Freestyle Skiing CommitteeFIS Freestyle Skiing TD Test October 2010
FIS Freestyle World ChampionshipsFIS Freestyle World CupFIS Freestyle World Cup Background Information
FIS Freestyle World Cup Basic World RequirementsFIS Freestyle World Cup Competitor AttendanceFIS Freestyle World Cup Competitor Attendance by Nation Season 2008-2009
FIS Freestyle World Cup Competitor Attendance by Nation Season 2009-2010FIS Freestyle World Cup Final AwardsFIS Freestyle World Cup Organizers 2008 2009
FIS Freestyle World Cup Organizers AgreementFIS Freestyle World Cup QuotasFIS Freestyle World Cup Rules
FIS Freestyle World Cup Sponsor guideFIS Freestyle World Cup Sponsorship OpportunityFIS Freestyle World Cup TV Distribution Report
FIS Freestyle World Cup Team Captains MeetingsFIS Judges Season 2010 / 2011 emailFIS Judges Season World Cup 2008 - 2009
FIS Junior Freestyle Skiing World ChampionshipsFIS Ladies SeminarFIS Leaders Seminar
FIS Nordic World Ski Championships
FIS SnowKidzFIS SnowKidz Award
FIS SnowKidz Award 2010FIS SnowKidz Award 2012FIS TD Season WC 2008 - 2009
FIS TV PRODUCTION GUIDELINESFIS Technical Delegates FIS Freestyle World Cup 2011/2012
FIS Technical Delegates FIS Freestyle World Cup 2012/2013FIS Technical Delegates Season FIS Freestyle World Cup 2009 - 2010FIS Technical Delegates Season FIS Freestyle World Cup 2010/2011
FIS World ChampionshipsFIS World Cup
FIS World Cup Judges Season 2009 - 2010
FIS World Cup standingsFIS World Ski Championships
FIS World Snow DayFIS Youth and Children’s SeminarsFIS code
FREESTYLE FIS WORLD CUP OFFICIALS ASSIGNMENTS Season 2008 - 2009FRIS - Freestyle Skiing Result Book
FRIS Outputs and Reports
FR C25
FS WC Proposal Page 1
Faceted snow
Fall LineFall line
Fan GunsFan guns
FeaturesFeedFelt air temperature
Female (connector)Fence and Safety Control - Ski CrossFence clip
Fencing Crew
Fertilizer - UreaFiber
FinalFinal Inspection Report Inawashiro 2009
Final Report FIS Freestyle WSC Inawashiro 2009Final Report Ruka 2005
FinalistFinish Area
Finish Area Camera - FreestyleFinish Area CrewsFinish Area Fencing
Finish Area Maintenance CrewsFinish Areas Vancouver 2010
Finish areaFinish line
Finish line cameraFireWireFirn
FirnificationFirst Turn
Fixed GripFlash interviewFlat-bottom
Flat RailFlat down flat RailFlat turn
Flex AdjustmentFlex pole - screw baseFlexion
Flight planFlipFlip-disc display
Fly Case ProductionFog
FolgefonnaFood and BeveragesFootbed
Force majeureForecast
FormForward Lean Adjustment
Four-point landingFour-point takeoff
Frame rate
Free-To-Air ChannelsFree of charge ski instructors
Free positionFreestyle Aerial Center Lake Placid
Freestyle Aerial Speed TrapFreestyle Camera Position Layout
Freestyle Committee Short Summary Dubrovnik (CRO) 2009Freestyle Course Components
Freestyle Course Homologation ProceduresFreestyle Course Homologation ProgramFreestyle Course Layout
Freestyle DisciplineFreestyle Equipment ListFreestyle Equipment Rules
Freestyle FIS World Cup Final
Freestyle FIS World Cup PointsFreestyle Judges Cards
Freestyle Nor-Am Cup Season 2009-2010Freestyle Officials Education
Freestyle Officials Education and ProgrammeFreestyle Olympic Stadium Design part 2Freestyle Results and Information System - Abbreviations
Freestyle Ski Cross TV Shoot ListFreestyle SkiingFreestyle Skiing - Table Of Winter Olympic Games Medals (1992 to 2010)
Freestyle Skiing Basic Course InformationFreestyle Skiing Competition Work BookFreestyle Skiing Course Preparation
Freestyle Skiing EducationFreestyle Skiing Major Competition OfficialsFreestyle Skiing Officials Training Objectives
Freestyle Skiing Olympic Stadium DesignFreestyle Skiing Specific RulesFreestyle Skiing Statistics Races and Starts
Freestyle Skiing TV Production StandardsFreestyle Skis
Freestyle TV GraphicsFreestyle TV Production
Freestyle Technical Delegate Pre Test 2009Freestyle Timing BookletFreestyle WC Officials Information
Freezing-point depression
Freezing Point / FreezeFreezing Rain
Frequently Asked Questions about Freestyle SkiingFresh water
Friedrichshafen, (GER), TD Clinic November 5 th – 6 th, 2011Friedrichshafen (GER) 12.-14.11.2012 Judges B ClinicFriedrichshafen (GER) 14.-15.11.2012 Judges HP/SS A and B Clinic
Friedrichshafen (GER) 16.-18.11.2012 Judges ClinicFriedrichshafen (GER) 27.-30.10.2011 Judges Clinic
Front FlipFront TuckFront country
Front somersaultFront tuckFrost
Frost heavingFrost line
Frozen Ground
FullFull, double fullFull, double full, full
Full, double full, tuckFull, full, fullFull, lay
Full, tuck, fullFull BoardFull homologation
Full inFull in, full outFull out
Full tuck/pikeFun boxFunbox Flat
Funbox Flat DownFunicular
FusionFürstenfelder Hotel, GER, November 5 th – 7 th, 2010
GPS Ski Cross on the Internet
Gate Judge Instructions
Gate Key
Gate SettersGate flag
Gate judge
Gate line
Gates Judges Education
GenderGeneral Definitions
General requirementsGenerator
GenlockGeographic information systems
Geographical poleGeomorphologyGeoreference
GigahertzGlacial erratic
Glacial lakeGlaciation
GlacierGlacier ice
Glasgow Coma ScaleGlobal Positioning SystemGloves Rubber
GlycolGo for Ski
Go on snow!Going over a Roller
Golden hour (medicine)Gondola
GrabGrab loop
GrabsGrade Five Snowpass
Grand Prix Migros
Grande Prairie, CanadaGraphics Interchange Format
Grasgehren GERGraupel
Gravitational accelerationGravityGreen circle
Gross Rating PointGround blizzards
GroundwaterGrowth of Freestyle Skiing
GuageGuidance rail
HPHack SawHail
HalfHalf, full, halfHalf, half, full
Half, rudy, fullHalf, tuck, halfHalf-Pipe
Half-Pipe CoursesHalf-Pipe GlossaryHalf-half
Half:Half Board
Half InHalf Out
Half inHalf out
Halfpipe Competitor Result - Run 1Halfpipe Competitor Result - Run 2Halfpipe Competitor Start - Run 1
Halfpipe Competitor Start - Run 2Halfpipe Course Details
Halfpipe Course Details smallHalfpipe Course Inawashiro 2009Halfpipe Location

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