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[edit] Sochi

The city of Sochi is located in southwest Russia on the edge of the Black Sea. The city stretches 147 kilometers along the Black Sea coast, making it the longest city in Europe. With a sub-tropical coastal climate but just 30 minutes away from the snowcapped mountains of Krasnaya Polyana, Sochi will offer a unique environment for the Games. Sochi is a cosmopolitan city of approximately 400,000 people from more than 100 nations.

Sochi has a rich heritage as a major port city, resort destination and a prominent cultural center. Its history dates back to the Byzantine Era, when the inhabitants of the Black Sea coast were called “Sochi.” The city has welcomed visitors for thousands of years, including travelers and merchants on the famed Silk Road.

Sochi is increasingly drawing global attention as an all season vacation spot and premium sports location with its combination of history and culture, its extraordinary natural setting accentuated by its renowned mineral springs, its ideal climate, and improved infrastructure. Thanks to its majestic views of the mountains with peaks as high as 3,200 meters and unforgettable Black Sea beaches, Sochi is often referred to as the “Russian Riviera".

[edit] Krasnaya Polyana

Krasnaya Polyana is a ski resort located on the scenic western slopes of the Caucasus Mountains, 50 km from the Sochi city center and just 40 km from Sochi International Airport. Surrounded by a breathtaking amphitheatre of mountains, soaring up to 2,375 meters, the “Red Glade” will provide a spectacular backdrop for both athletes and visitors in 2014.

Established in 1898 as a mountain resort for Russia’s elite, Krasnaya Polyana has flourished into Russia’s most desirable winter sports destination. With its rapidly evolving infrastructure, its diverse range of ski slopes, and its unique location in the heart of the Western Caucasus UNESCO World Heritage Site, Krasnaya Polyana is expected to surpass some of its more illustrious European counterparts and become one of the top ski resorts in the world.

[edit] Mountain Cluster

Located in the Krasnaya Polyana mountains, the mountain cluster includes the biathlon and cross country skiing complexes, a sliding sports track, a ski jumping complex, alpine center, freestyle skiing center and a snowboard park. The mountain cluster also includes the mountain sub-villages, Mountain Media Sub-Center and media hotels.

Location Russian Federation, Region of Krasnodar, Sochi

[edit] Olympic Medals in Freestyle Skiing

[edit] Competition schedule

Rosa Khutor Alpine Resort, the venue for freestyle skiing, held the following is the competition schedule for all ten events.

All times are (UTC+4).

Date Time Event
6 February 18:00 Women's moguls qualification
8 February 18:00 Women's moguls qualification 2
22:00 Women's moguls final
10 February 18:00 Men's moguls qualification
22:00 Men's moguls final
11 February 10:00 Women's slopestyle qualification
13:00 Women's slopestyle final
13 February 10:15 Men's slopestyle qualification
13:30 Men's slopestyle final
14 February 17:45 Women's aerials qualification
21:30 Women's aerials final
17 February 17:45 Men's aerials qualification
21:30 Men's aerials final
18 February 17:45 Men's halfpipe qualification
21:30 Men's halfpipe final
20 February 11:45 Men's ski cross qualification
13:30 Men's ski cross finals
18:30 Women's halfpipe qualification
21:30 Women's halfpipe final
21 February 11:45 Women's ski cross qualification
13:30 Women's ski cross finals

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