Skiing for School Kids (Argentina)

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400 school children children should: 1. develop interest and learn to ski through the school scheme. 2. become familiar with the ski centre and see it as their own heritage 3. should enjoy the snow and appreciate nature in a new way

Acknowledged as unique in Argentina and in Latin America, on several occasions the project has been presented and approved by National Government and is praised for its integration of sports and education and for allowing children of low-income families access to skiing and a participation in the local cultural heritage. 2009 300 children from 11 schools participate in an extended project. Besides learning to ski, children who participate in the project are found to have improved school attendance, developed better social skills, showed more active interest, and have better work prospects.

Overall Focus

  • Teach state school pupils to ski, giving them their first experience of winter sports

and participation in the local cultural heritage. Skiing is now part of the curriculum in some schools in Bariloche. The project has generated respect for social and educational projects based on play and sport. Ex-participants return as skiers, helpers or employees in the club and ski centre.

Target Group

  • Primary state school pupils aged 5 - 14 years, from low-income families with very

limited access to sports


  • Private and public institutions
  • The multi- disciplinary team is comprised of representatives from various sectors of the community:


1st March 2010 - 15th December 2010

Contact Information

María Berta Sebastián [1]
54 - 2944 - 422266

Link [2]

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