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Ski trail capacity is a function of the acceptable density of users per hectare, rated by skier-skill class.

Typically,the range of acceptable densities for ski trails by skill class is as follows:

A resort that caters to destination guests should strive to achieve trail densities at the lower end of the spectrum, whereas resorts catering to regional and / or local guests may expect to achieve higher trail densities recognizing that as densities increase, they are offering a progressively less acceptable skier experience.

The acceptable density of skiers on gladed trails is generally 15% to 30% of the comparable skier skill class depending on the spacing of the trees.

[edit] Skill Class Acceptable Density

  • Beginner 35 – 75 /ha
  • Novice 30 – 60 /ha
  • Low Intermediate 20 – 40 /ha
  • Intermediate 15 – 30 /ha
  • Advanced Intermediate10 – 20 /ha
  • Expert 5 – 10 /ha

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[edit] Reference

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