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The Ski base is the part of the ski that makes contact with the snow and surface.

When properly waxed it allows glide.

Ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene (known as PE or UHMWPE) is a common base material. PE has a high molecular weight that results in a harder base. This makes wax absorption harder, but also prevents base damage and core shots due to the strength of the PE. Regardless of base material, bases come in two forms, either extruded or sintered.

Extruded bases offer low maintenance and are easy to repair and less expensive. The cons of extruded bases are underperformance in extreme cold or wet conditions and losing wax over long periods of use. Sintered bases hold wax dependably and are very strong. The preferred base of ski racers, sintered bases are expensive, tough to repair and require frequent waxing to prevent oxidation.

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