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[edit] Course Description

Start to Corner 1 / Speed- slow - medium Out of the gate its 4 meters to a short fall away transition. Then 5 meters to a small true table top jump. (wu tang) After the landing transition there is then another 5 meters to a 1.5 meter step down. After landing the step down there was roughly 25 meters to a medium sized jump. Landing area of the jump is large and flat deck is roughly 10 meters. Corner 1 to Corner 2 / Speed - medium

Corner 1 is a 90 degree left hand corner. After exiting corner 1 it’s roughly 30 meters to a medium sized step up jump. The jump is roughly 12 meters from the take off to the start of the landing transition. Upon landing corner two comes up quickly and it’s a 130 degree right hand turn.

Corner 2 to Corner 3 / Speed – medium

Out of corner 2 it’s about 40 meters to a table top jump with a slightly off camber landing that guides the athletes into corner 3. The table top has a deck of 10 meters in length. There is a wide entrance into corner 3 which is a 100 degree left hand turn.

Corner 3 to Corner 4 / Speed – medium

After exiting corner 3 there is a sudden roll down followed by a flat down jump taking the athletes from right to left from take off to landing. The landing area is large and the flat deck is roughly 7-12 meters inside to outside. Corner 4 is a 90 degree right hand corner which takes you out of the tighter upper section of the course.

Corner 4 to Corner 5 / Speed – medium to fast

Exiting corner 4 there is 35 meters to a large flat down jump. The jump has a flat deck of 12 – 15 meters and the landing area is large. Upon landing you then encounter a large double roller set that is 20 + meters from take off to landing. This is followed by a double set of rollers again that is set slightly uphill roughly 15 meters from take off to landing. Corner number 5 is a wide open 160 degree left hand turn.

Corner 5 to corner 6 / Speed - medium to fast

After leaving corner 5 there is 20 meters before another double set of rollers 14 meters from take off to landing. This is preceding a hip jump that takes the athletes from left to right. The flat deck varies from inside at 10 meters to outside at 16 meters. After landing you then redirect slightly to the right and line up for a large step up jump. The take off is long and the distance from the take off to the beginning of the landing is 20 + meters. Once back on the ground after the step up there is a slight roll leading the athletes into corner 6.

Corner 6 to corner 7 / Speed - medium

When exiting corner 6 the athletes climb up a ramp leading them into a step down that is 2 meters high and has a deck of 6 meters. This leads directly into a step up which is quickly followed by a steep jump airing the athletes back to their original elevation. The next feature is a roll which leads into another step up roller which is then followed by another step down that is 1.5 meters high and has a 5 meter deck. Corner 7 is an open 90 degree left hand turn.

Corner 7 to finish / Speed – medium – fast

Leaving corner 7 there is roughly 25 meters before a large hip jump that sets the athletes up for the finish feature. There is 30 meters of flat before airing a double down set of rollers. Upon landing the finish line is at the toe of the landing area of the rollers.

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