Season 2009 - 2010 Competitiors and Starts

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[edit] Detail Season 2009-2010

Disc. Gender Various Comp Various Nations

  • AE Ladies 31 Competitors 9 Nations AUS(4), BLR(2), CAN(6), CHN(6), GBR(1), KAZ(1), SUI(2), UKR(3), USA(6)
  • MO Ladies 67 Competitors 20 Nations AUS(6), AUT(1), CAN(9), CHN(3), CZE(3), DAN(1), FIN(1), FRA(1), GBR(1), GER(4), ITA(1), JPN(8), KAZ(3), KOR(1), RUS(8), SLO(1), SPA(1), SUI(1), SWE(4), USA(9)
  • SX Ladies 60 Competitors 20 Nations AUS(3), AUT(5), CAN(5), CZE(3), DAN(1), FRA(6), GBR(2), GER(6), JPN(2), LIE(1), NOR(4), NZE(1), POL(1), ROU(1), RUS(4), SLO(1), SPA(2), SUI(6), SWE(4), USA(2)
  • AE Men 43 Competitors 13 Nations ARG(1), AUS(1), BLR(6), CAN(8), CHN(6), CZE(1), FRA(1), JPN(2), KAZ(1), RUS(3), SUI(4), UKR(3), USA(6)
  • MO Men 90 Competitors 20 Nations AUS(6), CAN(11), CZE(2), FIN(9), FRA(8), GBR(1), GER(2), GRE(1), ITA(1), JPN(5), KAZ(4), KOR(3), NOR(4), RSA(1), RUS(6), SLO(1), SPA(2), SUI(2), SWE(10), USA(11)
  • SX Men 132 Competitors 22 Nations ARG(1), AUS(1), AUT(11), CAN(12), CZE(6), FIN(4), FRA(13), GBR(5), GER(9), IRE(1), ITA(5), JAM(1), JPN(6), LAT(1), NOR(7), POL(3), RUS(4), SLO(4), SUI(17), SWE(10), UKR(1), USA(10)

[edit] Summary Season 2009-2010

  • Total various Nations 33
  • Total various Ladies 158
  • Total various Men 265
  • Total various athlete 423

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