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4612 Scoring Procedures

4612.1 For each Halfpipe competition, there are to be five scoring judges plus a Head Judge.

4612.2 Scores are awarded in accordance with the FIS Judging Criteria.

4612.3 Judges shall use scorecards to mark score by bib number and may keep a memory board to record notations on specifics (tricks, falls, etc.)

4612.4 No discussions are allowed concerning competitors’ scores unless initiated by the Head Judge.

4612.5 No competitor, team representative or spectator will be allowed to approach the judges stand or speak with judges during the competition.

4612.6 Any protest or problem arising from the judging will be dealt with by the Jury.

4612.7 The Judge's Responsibilities and Duties

  • 4612.7.1 To adjudicate and score every competitor according to the FIS judging criteria fairly and without bias.
  • 4612.7.2 All judges shall be skilled in identifying the various maneuvers that the competitors perform.
  • 4612.7.3 Judges shall attend all judges briefings and post-competition sessions, TCM and be available to the Head Judge during preparation and throughout the competition.
  • 4612.7.4 All judges need to be able to judge in an effective and timely manner.

4612.8 The Head Judge's Responsibilities and Duties

  • 4612.8.1 To help coordinate the judges’ accommodations, per Diem and related transportation.
  • 4612.8.2 To attend the team captain’s meeting the day before the competition and conduct the judges’ briefings and post competition analysis with the judges.
  • 4612.8.3 Attend all necessary course inspections with the TD, the Chief of Course and the available team captains.
  • 4612.8.4 Brief the judges’ secretaries and prepare the administrative materials for judging (supplies, scorecards, comfort items).
  • 4612.8.5 Act as a member of the Jury.
  • 4612.8.6 Insure the appropriate behavior of the judges at all times during the competition.
  • 4612.8.7 Lead all discussions during training and forerunning for the purpose of calibration.
  • 4612.8.8 Determines, which judges, will be used for specific categories and oversees changes in assignments if appropriate.
  • 4612.8.9 Supervise and control scoring procedures, including dialogue concerning deviant scores.
  • 4612.8.10 Announce to the starter when judges are ready for competitors and to inform the judges of the number of the next competitor.
  • 4612.8.11 Control the judges stand and the activities that take place upon it.
  • 4612.8.12 Oversee the score calculation and check of the scores.
  • 4612.8.13 Check the accuracy of all tiebreaking.
  • 4612.8.14 Act as a substitute judge in emergencies.
  • 4612.8.15 Inspect with the other Jury members the judge’s stand to approve its location, facilities, layout and sight line’s. This inspection by the Jury should occur at least one day before the competition day.
  • 4612.8.16 With the other Jury members and the Chief of Halfpipe to oversee the Halfpipe construction and maintenance during practice and competition.
  • 4612.8.17 Be the final authority on all judging issues at the competition and to accept all responsibility for any irregularity in the service provided by the judges to the competition.

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