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[edit] Preparation for Athletes Registration

  • To inform changes on the name list to the Listel Race Office (by Airport Meet Team) when the bus leaves from the airport
  • To change data in the system and on the registration book based on the information
  • To inform the changes to the entry-related sections "


Remarks If changes, signature needs to be made on. (A) Kasama will summarize those changes and sign up on documents. The OC needs to update the entries to the FIS Office and Competition Jury.

FAQ1 What about the exchange rate between CHF and Yen? FIS will decide the rate with the Head of the OC.

FAQ2 What the passport review. Please check the passport with the for nation and birthdate of each competitor. Also check with the passport number and record it and match with FIS Code. Inform FIS of any information issues with birthdates and see Freestyle ICR 3045 Age Limits and 3046.3.1 'Admitted years of Birth' Need to confirm athletes BD due to the age limit to enter the Championships and also need to confirm their nationality.

FAQ3 What about the spelling of the names and perhaps the national wants to change the spelling of the name. FIS Code and Name is agreed between the NSA and the FIS, any request to change the spelling needs to comes from the NSA to the FIS.

[edit] Teams Hotel Arrival

  • To register using the team list at the registration desk to be set in the lobby
  • To guide each team coach to the registration desk (by Liaison staff) and ask them to confirm the team list (name, room assignment, number of nights to stay, etc.)

Note: To lead and guide the following member to the Race Office at 2F

- No photo for the ID

- No copy of passport

Demo was provided.

Demo Remarks FAQ4. How about the lost luggage? The OC needs to establish link with air compaines to track bags and support the arrivial of the bag.

[edit] Check-in (Accommodation)

  • For teams with all indivisual photos and copies of passport, to give them their room key together with their ID and meal coupons
  • If some has no photo and no copy, to give them their ID and meal coupons except the one for the non-completed member and also to hand them their room key for all member" Demo

[edit] Taking a Copy of Passports

  • In case of no copy of passport, to take a copy of the passport at 2F, the Race Office, and give them ID and meal coupons Demo

[edit] ID Issue

To issue new IDs at the ID Center in the Race Office

  • For the member without photo, to take a photo at the ID Center and give them ID and meal coupons" Demo

[edit] Pre-Meeting

  • To provide verbal instruction without demonstration if questions (due to this is a pre-meeting to conduct TCM) Verbal information Provided

[edit] Team Captains' Meeting (TCM Room)

To present and verify samples of protocol, weather information service, entry list, start list, minutes.                

  • To conduct TCM based on the Agenda
  • To post and distribute the start list after the Draw on the Official Notice Board and to those who involved at the venue and each related section

1. Officials Introduction (Race Director, TD, Assist TD, Head Judge, Assist Head Judge, Referee)

2. Greeting (Venue Representatives, Secretary General of OC, TD: 20 sec each)

3. Handouts Check (by Committee Secretary)

4. Proceedings (presided by Chief of Competition) Note: Recording Minutes: Person in charge (Oka)

Note: For the handouts, it will be presented by Power Point as well as actual TCM Demo was given

FIS suggests that they use the wiki to present the agenda and that all work be done before hand.

[edit] Bibs Distribution

  • To povide an explanation of bib distribution procedure

Note: To be presented by Power Point" Verbal Remarks 1. The Bib Coordinator (Leader) needs to distribute bib and pick up from athletes so that they don't need to bring it back to hotels. Regardless different hotels or teams need to set the same rule.

2. OC need to prepare bibs without number. (A) OC has already arranged quite a lot of bibs without number, in case this was lost.

3. Under international competitions, need to assign The Bib Coordinator.

[edit] Medical Meeting

  • To project the Medical Meeting agenda on the screen
  • To give a verbal explanation about the attendee and agenda
  • To present the current EAP (English version) as reference"

Verbal Presentation

"1. ACLS (Ambulance with cardic care support) (A) Each ambulance has some advanced system in Japan."

[edit] Press Meeting

  • To present the Press Meeting agenda


  • To give an explanation about the procedural structure, information receiving routes and the handling for expected questions

Verbal Presentation was provided


FAQ. On the map, is there area for photo on the different course?

(A)There are photo area and press area on the map already. Already colored on the area.

FAQ Depends on the events and competitions, a map will be different, especially for Ski Cross, we need to prepare the special pass for the Ski Cross course. This will be used for coaches and trainers also it is controlled by access to the top of the courses.

[edit] Race Office Open

  • To be open 30 min before the registration of Competition Officials
  • To check materials and equipment and conduct the Staff Meeting for liaison and coordination with competition sites" Verbal

"Staff Registration & Assignment Confirmation

(Absent Staff Arrangement)

  • To prepare for the registration 30 min before the first registration staff to be there (For 2 March; The first staff will be there at 5:30am at the Yodel)
  • To establish a contact structure in order to inform staff absence to each section chief
  • If the shotage of staff due to the staff absence (to be judged by each section chief), to contact with the Staff section for asking the arrangement

Staff chief will inform the situation to OC, Sato

Sato (OC) will contact with other sections to arrange the assignment and inform the result to the section chief Verbal

[edit] Transportation

  • To provide an explanation about transportation management for athletes, FIS officials, the press, etc. and the spectator parking and their transportation Verbal

[edit] Press Center Open & Preparation

  • Explanation by each Press Center chief about the preparation: The chief of preparation, equipment check and clipping newspaper articles, etc. (5 min) Verbal

[edit] Press ID Issue

1. To give Press ID cards already issued in advance at the Press ID Desk

2. To check & register new applicants and lead them to the ID Center Demo

[edit] Spectators Guide

  • To establish a contact & instruct system to connect all related sections along with spectator flow line for the smooth handling

(Parking staff, Spectator Guide, Ticket Check, Sales, Information Desk, Spectator Stand Control, Security)

Verbal Report

[edit] Trouble in Gate Control

  • To give an explanation about the case a foreigner without ID trying to pass through the gate Verbal

[edit] Accident (Injured Competitor)

  • To provide an explanation about the case a spectator falling down and not be able to walk

Verbal Presentation was provided.

Remark (If any spectator injured, using radios to transport the injured person and inform name, add & hospital to be transported to the Race Office.)

FAQ6. If multiple injured happens and the amblance for athlete was used by spectator, do we have enough ambulance? how handle?

(A) We can handle those multiple case asking ambulance to come from different areas.

[edit] Course Grooming

1. To complete course grooming according to the schedule on the day before the Jury's Inspection Note: To gether & register at 6:00am -> Meeting at 6:15am -> Finish course grooming by 6:30am

2. Course Grooming during the Competitions: Qualifications - Based on the course condition, Finals - By every heat (for Men's/Ladies')

3. Course staff and the Japan Self-Defence Forces may be informed at the night before and groom courses in the next early morning (using by snow cat) depending on the weather condition on the night.

Note: For qualifications & finals, 6 teams will groom courses (3 persons per team)


  • To groom courses using shovels and rakes (by 10 of Side Slipper and gate judges)

Note: Shovel x 4, Rake x 4

  • To set up gates and mark on the top of rollers and lip of jumps (by 10 of Course Maintenance)

Note: Drill x 3, Short and Long poles, Gate flags for the top and middle of the course (4 each), Ink

To confirm nets, TV stands and safety cushions for all courses (by 20 of SDF members) Verbal

[edit] Inspection & Official Training

"1. To confirm course condition and Competition Officials to be in place and to check radios condition <Kanda>

To inform the assignment of Competition Course Officials and radios communication condition to the Chief of Competition

2. To check the condition of finish area, sounds, etc. & the timing data service and also large monitors <Ochiai>

To confirm the above condition and inform to the Vice-Chief of Competition as needed

3. Handling procedure in case an athlete fogotten his/her bib before the inspection <Matsui>

To prepare spare bibs at the start area for bib forgotten/lost athletes

4. To monitor athletes during the inspection and official training <Susa>

To monitor athletes carefully to be in safe hands during the inspection and official training (by gate judges)" Verbal

FAQ. If athlete without no bib and if replace to new bib,

FIS suggests that don't ask a question like "Can I get a new bib?" just can say "I need new bib due to athlete lost bib" through radio.

Make sure every concerned staff need to know the procedure.

[edit] Qualifications & Finals

(play DVD) - SX overview (about 3 min)

- Final tournament (about 6 min)

- The Final (about 3 min)

Note: Videos from the 2007 WC to be used

1. In case an athlete coming delayed to start "* To check the situation (by Jury at the start)

One minute warning and let the next competitor starts to the race. If the competitor showed up, conduct the re-run under Jury's decision. see ICR 3043.6

  • To instruct the handling by radio to each section after the Jury's decision" Verbal

2. In case of injustice on ID for coach or cameraman "* To contact to the Vice-Chief of Competition (by the person to find)

  • To decide the response (by Vice-CC and CC) (using internal radios)
  • To contact with ID staff and confirm the situation
  • To inform about the case to Jury asking the response depending on the situation


3. In case many athletes falling down on a course during the qualifications

  • To check the course on-site and interpret the situation (by Jury: TD, CC, Vice-CC)
  • To instruct the handling to Course Chief (by Vice-CC)"


4. In case of bad weather during qualifications or finals and not be able to carry on the competition * To give the coming weather information to Jury (by Vice-CC) and ask his/her decision (to get the information from Secretary) Verbal

5. In case of trouble on large monitors * To inform about the trouble to the Chief of Competition (by Monitor Staff or Secretary) to get Jury's decision Verbal

6. In case of complicated finish and difficult to judge competitors place by Finish Judges

  • To inform about it to Refree to get TD's decision (by Chief of Finish Judge) Verbal

7. The timing to collect judges paper and the procedure

  • To collect judges paper (by Chief of Gate Judge and the staff)
  • During qualifications, to collect it about 4 times (depending on the number of entry)
  • For finals, to collect it after round 4, round 8 (Men's), round 12 (Ladies's), round 16 (Men's Quarter-Final), round 18 (Ladies' Quarter-Final), round 20 (Men's Semi-Final), round 22 (Men's Consolation Round of the 5th-8th place), round 24 (Men's Final), respectively and deliver it to the Chief of Finish Judge


8. Colored Bib (for finals) Distribution Check <Matsui>

  • To confirm every heat athletes wearing a bib using the match-up chart (by Call-up & Bib Distribution staff at the start area; total 3 persons) "


9. In case of injured athletes during competitions <Iwata>

1. To inform the injured condition to Chief of Competition through a radio (by Gate Judge on-site)

  • To make a decision whether needs course suspend (to stop start) and rescue crew

2. To direct Ski Patrol and interpreter stationed at the course going to the site quickly

3. To give him/her medical treatment by a doctor in a medical tent at the finish area

4. If slightly-injured, to transfer him/her to the Town Inawashiro Hospital by transport vehicle

5. If severe case, to transfer to the Aizu Chuo Hospital (treatment level 3) by ambulance

6. To direct an interpreter on board regardless mild or severe and inform the coach and team doctor of the injured athlete through an announcement

7. To collect those information to the Race Office when it happens and record on the board

8. To hand reports to Jury (CC) at the pre-meeting

  • If emergency, to inform the situation to Chief of Competition as soon as knowing it


10. About the medical aid for spectators (except athletes) <Hasegawa>

  • To transfer him/her to the aid station (by ski patrol except the one deployed for the competition course) under the normal aid system taken on normal days at the skiing resort and inform the Race Office" Verbal


Information Transfer 1. Improve the system and inform results to coaches, too, by mobile or skype or to their email account. Mr. Fitzgerald have already have coaches email or skype account so he is able to tell OC staff of this information.

[edit] Result Distribution

(TCM room)" "* To demonstrate a system (procedure); To complete the result with filling in judgments -> To be comfirmed by HJ -> To be printed out

  • To demonstrate the result distribution by the result runner after printing out

1. Result Runner 1 & 2 <Start area - Course sides>

2. Result Runner 3, 4, 5, 6 <around Finish area>

3. Result Runner 7 <Backup - to the Race Office>

  • To perform uploading the result on the mobile website" Demo

[edit] Finish Zone Control


  • To present an explanation about the inspection procedure for the finish area Verbal Usami Usami

Demonstration 1 (Ladies's final end- Passing through Mixed Zone)

  • To demonstrate PA interview, material control, flash quotes, doping control, flower ceremony, mixed zone at Snow Paradise Inawashiro Demo Usami

Evaluation 1

  • To verify the time control of material check (control), flash quotes communication, ceremony area setting up (with ropping off) and the organizing, interview timing control at the mixed zone, etc. Verbal

[edit] Finish Zone Control

Demonstration 2 (Finish area - Anti Doping Control Room)

  • To demonstrate leading to the press conference room, the press conference itself and leading to the doping control room


Evaluation 2

  • To verify the athletes smooth transfer to the press conference room and the press conference organizing, etc. Verbal


  • We will have some comments reviewed by Mr. Fitzgerald for the inspection on-site.

Verbal Report


1. Need HBC interview? or no need? Need to consider HBC shooting method.

2. Need to flat the ground at finish area (parallel). The on course interview area needs to be closer to the exit wall so that athletes are able to walk easily and not up hill.

3. Currently no door at the anti doping control area. Need to be closed? Or put the door to provide more control for this area.

4. The lane needs to be more narrow.

5. Athletes and also Media need to move from interview area to ceremony area so Media needs to recognize the flow and they also need to be informed about it.

6. Ladies x 3, Men's x 3, both x 6, photo session had better to be organized. Just only taking 2 min to have 6 winner's photo session but a lot of effect.

7. From the end of Mixed zone (course exit) to facilities (for athletes), need to consider to set up fence or something. Athletes cannot go forward in crowd.

8. Streaming for the press conferenc?

9. Doping control, put the cover on the window of waiting room not to be taken photo.

10. 30 coaches and 40 athletes mixed up at the same time, need to separate them from others in the mixed zone. Athletes Tent is above now so need to put it down more.

11. If need to come to the doping control area from the mixed zone within 3-8 min then need to use snowmobile or need to move down by group.

[edit] Commended Athletes Leading

  • Commended athletes will be delayed coming to the venue because of the doping control.

Therefore, their flow will be different from others at the opening ceremony (they will not join to march into the venue). To give an explanation about it (their transportation -> arriving to the Camerina -> leading) and verify it Verbal

[edit] Athletes Waiting Position

  • To provide an explanation about the waiting position and the leading route & way of commended athletes because their waiting position will be different from other participating athletes (in the opening ceremony) Verbal

[edit] Presenters Leading

  • To give an explanation about the leading way of FIS presenters and presenters from our side and also the guides flow Verbal

[edit] Medal Ceremony

  • To verify the process from the commended athletes coming in the venue to the ceremony organizing
  • To provide an explanation about each scene with simulating based on the actual program
  • To give an explanation about the press area during the SX ceremony and the press guiding
  • To present an explanation about the HBC camera position" Demo

[edit] Protocol, etc. for all TCM

  • To check and evaluate the agenda, protocol, weather information service, entry list and start list  Verbal

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