Rivella Family Contest

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The “Rivella Family Contest” is a ski race for the whole family. Each year around 3.000 families participate in this event.

Overall Focus

  • Ski and snowboarding for the whole family
  • A family festival at the slopes

Target Group

  • Snow enthusiastic families with children till the age of 14


  • Swisski
  • Rivella
  • Atomic
  • Ochsner Sport
  • Malbuner
  • Reka
  • Swiss Tourism
  • Schweizer Familie
  • Lìllustré


Since 1982 each winter

Contact Information

Breitensport Swiss-Ski
Nicole Winkler (Project manager)
+31-950 61 23
nicole.winkler@swiss-ski.ch [1]


www.familycontest.ch [2]

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