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3032.3.2 The Jury has the right to cancel, interrupt, or postpone a competition in any case where to continue could, in the Jury’s estimation, be inadvisable on grounds of safety or fairness.

Causes for cancellation shall include but not be limited to:

- Insufficient snow on and beside the course;

- Inadequate or uneven preparation of the snow surface on the course;

- Insufficient protective measures;

- Deficient or insufficient organisation of the medical, rescue and first aid service;

- Insufficient organisation of crowd control;

- Unacceptable weather conditions;

- Extreme cold: if the temperature measured at the Start falls below -20°C, the Jury must meet to consider delaying training or competition until the temperature rises to - 20°C or above, or cancelling the competition if it judges that a rise to an acceptable temperature is unlikely. The decision to interrupt a competition may be final or temporary. See rule 3060.2.

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