Report of the Freestyle Rules and Officials Chairman Dubrovnik (CRO)

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4.13.1 Report of the Chairman – M. Mustonen, FIN

Inawashiro Japan hosted biggest ever World Championships in Freestyle Skiing last March. These World Championships showed current status of Freestyle Skiing. It is full of action on snow in five freestyle events. From now it is around eight months to Vancouver Winter Olympic Games. Freestyle Skiing as a sport is ‘ready to rock’. All the best mogul skiers, aerialists and Ski Cross skiers are on fire in Cypress Mountain February 2010.

After Vancouver 2010 Games it will be time to adjust disciplines towards next big seasons and events.

Since 2006 Olympics, Freestyle Skiing as a whole has gone thru many big positive improvements. Freestyle community has got new event, Ski Cross to Olympic program. This hasn’t happened in any other winter sport. Again many positive rules and criteria changes have been processed in all the Freestyle Skiing events. Also there is a modern freestyle information channel, freestyle wiki on place and everyone’s use easily. Because of positive developments media time for freestyle skiing has been on a right upwards tendency. Media interest is the base to generate more resources to Freestyle skiing World.

Process to continue development work starts again straight after 2010 season. There are many projects already ongoing and in place for season 2010/2011. At 2014 Olympic Games Freestyle Skiing has again opportunity to present new event to Olympic Games program, Half Pipe. This is something what is not unrealistic thing at all. Again after 2010 season there is time to open and analyze critically all the events, their rules and criteria and reshape sports to even better form.

When developing sport product, it includes also development work to guarantee best possible media interest and satisfied fans in every level of freestyle skiing.

The Freestyle committee set up last fall a new working group what will focus to improve media relations. Also whole new global projects to get freestyle skiing, its events and venues closer to potential freestylers in ski areas all over the world could be one concept worth of thinking. The Freestyle section on the FIS Wiki is already current good base to support this type of projects.

At this meeting R&O Committee should use some time to mark down the most important development ideas to implement in the next four year period which starts after 2010 season.

All the best for season 2009/2010 and let’s keep this positive development mode moving forward.

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