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4007 Qualifications and Age Limits

4007.1 Qualification of Skills

The National Ski Association of a country in which a competition is organised shall not allow competitors to attempt any Aerials manoeuvres for which such competitors are not qualified, in connection with an international Freestyle competition, except for authorized qualification proceedings under the authority of an authorized representative of the FIS Freestyle Committee.

4007.2 Age Limitation for Aerials manoeuvres

  • Children I - Uprights Only
  • Children II - Single Inverted
  • Juniors - Double Inverted / Triples at 17 years

4007.3 Qualification of Manoeuvres

To be eligible to attempt an Aerials manoeuvre in international Freestyle competitions, a competitor must have a valid qualification licence for the specified manoeuvres, issued by the competitors’ National Ski Association. A competitors’ Aerials qualification licence may be updated during the competition season, with the exception of the actual day of Aerials competition. Each National Ski Association shall have the responsibility of supplying to the FIS Technical Delegate, an updated list in the English language, of all its competitors’ qualifications prior to each Aerials competition.

4007.4 Removal of Qualifications

Competitors are subject to suspension or annulment of their Aerials qualifications by the Jury if they have shown an inability to perform the Aerials manoeuvres for which they have been qualified from their National Ski Association. Such a ruling may result in severe reprimands or sanctions imposed against the respective nation.

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