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Qinhuangdao's Olympic Sports Centre Stadium was used as an Olympic Competition Venue (Football Preliminary) during the 2008 Summer Olympics. Qinhuangdao, located at the conjunction area between North China Economic Zone and Northeast China Economic Zone, and at the central part of economic zones around Bohai, is the important seaport for northern,northeastern and northwestern China. Qinhuangdao is located in the heart of the rapidly-growing “Bohai-Rim Economic Circle”, within easy reach of both Beijing (280km) and Tianjin (245km). 39°56′N 119°36′E


[edit] Water ramp for Freestyle Skiing Aerials at Qin Huangdao Training Center

[edit] Overview of Training Center

  • 4 takeoffs, 1 single @ 55 degree, 2 double @ 65 degree and 1 triple @ 70.5 degree
  • Pool Dimensions Length 46.42 M Width 36.34 m, area 1328 meters squared
  • Surface SKITRAX [1]
  • Spa, Indoor training center, Outdoor training center, Physical Training Facilities, Accommodations and Dining, Tennis courts, Indoor swimming pool and Rehabilitation Center

[edit] Location

  • No5 Wenti Road
  • Qinhuangdao City
  • Hebei Province, China 066004
  • email zhonggiozuxi@vip.sina.com

[edit] References

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  • Qin Huangdao Training Center web site [3]
  • Shanghai China Website QINHUANGDAO CITY . HEBEI PROVINCE [4]

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