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“Project Kids” is a cooperative, multi-year industry-wide initiative. There are five tactics that play the central role in the development and success of the program:

1. Entertainment ( and Snow Lab TV - in cooperation with Nickelodeon)
2. Public Relations ("Winter Feels Good" - campaign) - branded PR campaign that is designed to promote the message of health, fitness and social benefits of winter sports to kids and parents
3. Marketing (internet, TV and print ads that drive the target audience to the dedicated kids snow sport portal
4. The experience (the goal is to work with partners to develop an effective introduction at the retail, rental, instruction and on-hill levels)
5. Conversion (Snow Monsters program to retain the interest of kids who participated; NSAA, USSA and SIA along with more than 70 ski resorts have forged a partnership with Snow Monsters to help package, distribute and promote this valuable program to newcomers and returnees)

Overall Focus

  • Create a sense of inclusion
  • Provide an opportunity for continued improvement
  • Paint a picture of fun
  • Promote ease of access
  • Increase conversion and create a desire to continue

Target Group

  • Children up to the age of 14 years


  • SIA (SnowSports Industries America)
  • National Ski Areas Ass.
  • National Ski Patrol
  • Professional Association of Snowboard Instructors
  • Professional Ski Instructors of America
  • National Ski and Snowboard Retailers Ass.
  • Eastern Winter Sports Reps Ass.
  • Midwestern Sports Reps Association
  • New England Winter Sports Reps Ass.
  • Southeastern Winter Reps Ass.
  • Western Winter Sports Reps Ass.


The project started in summer 2003; five-year program

Contact Information

No specific contact information available

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