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A minimum amount of prize money of CHF 25'000.-- per competition, per gender must to be paid out.


Place Amount CHF % of Total

1st place .-- 43.30%
2nd place -- 22.00%
3rd place -- 13.30%
4th place -- 6.67%
5th place -- 4.67%
6th place -- 3.33%
7th place -- 2.67%
8th place -- 2.00%
9th place -- 1.33%
10th place -- 0.68%
Total 25'000.— 100.00%

7.4 Payment of Prize Money The payment can be made at the awards ceremony in cash and in convertible currency or electronically by bank transfer. If the payment is done electronically by bank transfer, this has to be done no later than seven (7) working days after the last competition, taking into consideration the local tax laws. An itemized confirmation of payment must be provided to the competitor electronically. Bank transfer fees and value added tax (VAT) are covered by the Organiser.

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