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[edit] Ski Cross Competition Format

There are two events in ski cross (SX): men and ladies. There are two phases in SX for each event: the Ski Cross Qualification Round and the Ski Cross Final round.

[edit] Ski Cross Qualification Round:

All competitors ski either 1 [timed runs]]. The start order is drawn. The competitors start in the same start order in both runs. In severe weather conditions only one qualification run may take place. The qualification bibs are numbered according to the start order.

[edit] Ski Cross Final Round:

The final round can be based on 32 or 16 competitors. If 32 competitors compete the final round will consist of: 1/8 Final:


Semi Finals:

Small Final,


If 16 competitors compete the final round will consist of: Quarterfinals:

Semi Finals:

Small Final:


[edit] Number of per Heat

There will be a maximum of 4 skiers per heat. The first 2 skiers advance to the next round. The competitors are placed in the heats of the first round (1/8 final or quarterfinals) based on their qualification round rank.

Ranking at the finish of a heat is determined by the order of crossing the finish line. In a case where more than one competitor does not complete the course by crossing the finish line, the competitor who made it further down the course will receive the better rank.

If two or more competitors cross the finish line simultaneously, the ranking will be determined by the first part of the body or skis that cross finish line. Whenever, possible, a photo finish camera should be available.

The final race bibs will be Red, Green, Blue and Yellow.

[edit] Ski Cross Rules and Procedures:

Starting Order – Qualification round: A manual random draw is conducted for the top 16 competitors from the current FIS points list. The remaining competitors will start according to their current FIS points.

Starting Order – Final round: Pairings for the finals will be according to the following: Finals with 32 competitors

Heat # 1st position 2nd position 3rd position 4th position 1 1 16 24 32 2 8 9 17 25 3 6 11 19 27 4 4 13 21 29 5 3 14 22 30 6 5 12 20 28 7 7 10 18 26 8 2 15 23 31

Finals with 16 competitors Heat # 1st position 2nd position 3rd position 4th position 1 1 8 12 16 2 4 5 9 13 3 3 6 10 14 4 2 7 11 15

[edit] Start Lane Choice

Start lane choice during each heat is based on the competitor’s qualifying ranking. The competitor who was fastest in the qualification can choose their lane, the second fastest the next lane and so on in each heat. Assignment of new bib numbers based on the results of the qualification, will aid to determine lane selection in the start.

A missed start is a DNS. It is the competitor’s responsibility to arrive at the start in time to compete.

Each starting position is identified by a colour. Looking up the course, the positions are set from left to right. Position 1 is red, Position 2 is green, Position 3 is blue and Position 4 is yellow.

[edit] Ski Cross Final Ranking:

The competitors in the final phase (final and small final) are ranked according to their finish order in the final followed by those ranked in the small final. All remaining competitors are ranked according to the round in which they are eliminated (e.g. quarterfinals) and their qualification times within that round. (e.g. competitors ranked 8 to 16 in the quarterfinal would be ranked according to their qualification times).

[edit] Ski Cross Tie-Break Rules

Ties in Qualification: If two or more competitors have the same time (tied), then the skier that started later in the race, will win the tie.

Ties in Finals: In case of a tie (between the 2nd and 3rd place skiers in the heat), the competitors with the lowest qualification time will advance.

Medal Round: If two or more competitors have an unbreakable tie (photo-finish) in the medal round, they will both be awarded the same medal.

[edit] Ski Cross Penalties / Disqualification Rules

The penalties are: did not start (DNS) for no show, did not finish (DNF) for not crossing the finish line and disqualified (DSQ) for missing or crossing a gate, etc. If a competitor is disqualified due to unsportsmanlike behaviour his or her results from the entire competition will be removed and he or she will be listed at the bottom of the classification with no final ranking.

[edit] Ski Cross Protests / Appeals

DSQ’s will be announced and/or posted immediately after each heat at a designated area at the bottom and top of the course. All protests must be reported to the Chief of Finish before the next heat begins. Protests after this time will not be accepted. Protests need not be in writing but all other ICR rules for protests will apply.

The Jury will consist of the TD, Race Director or Chief of Competition and the Chief of Finish / Referee . The protest fee must be paid at or before the conclusion of the competition.

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