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Mogul Skiing Rules and Procedures:

Mogul skiing is a judged event and it also uses the objective measurement of time.

Competitors ski down a steep (28 ± 4 degree), 235 ± 35 meters long by 18 meters wide mogul course covered in snow bumps or "moguls," and perform two different jumps on the way down.

They are judged on the technical quality of their turns, the form of the two jumps and are awarded points for time.

Mogul skiing calls for aggressive, fast turns, directly down the fall line of the course, using good absorption and carving technique. Competitors choose their own line down the course and perform two different jumps of their choice on specially constructed jumps known as "air bumps."

The jumps add individuality and flair to the runs and consist of single or multiple positions, grabs (where the hand grabs the skis), flips and rotations.

Mogul Judging Competitors are judged by a panel of seven judges awarding a maximum score of 30 points. Deductions are made for errors or falls.

Five judges award points for turns (50 percent of score or 15 points). The judges independently evaluate the competitors’ turns based on the use of the fall line, absorption and utilization of the bumps in turning, carving action, body position, pole plants, control and aggressiveness. The high and low scores are discarded and the remaining three scores added together.

Two judges independently score the two different jumps or "air" (25 percent of score or 7.5 points). Air is evaluated on: form, spontaneity, height, distance and landing, and multiplied by the degree of difficulty of the manoeuvre. The two air scores are then averaged and added to the turn points.

The remaining 25 percent of the score or 7.5 points is awarded for speed and calculated using a formula based on a pace time. The distance in slope is measured, from the start to the finish, and then this distance is divided by a predetermined speed measurement. For ladies, the calculated speed is 8.2 metres per second, and for men, it is 9.7 metres per second. These pace times are equal to 75 percent of the maximum time points.

Mogul Tie-Break Rules

Tie-breaking is decided by adding one-third of the average of the air scores, plus one-third of the time points to each turn score and then comparing these scores.

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