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Outer shell, Plastic, is the main component that ski boots are made from. depending on brand and design can be more or less flexible.

Ski boots typically have a stiff Plastic Outer Shell that gives the Ski Boot its sturdy support and the most direct transfer of body movements to the Skis. They protect your ankles and feet from bending to far and possible injury. The outer shell is waterproof and tough enough to protect your feet and lower legs from impacts. The outer shell size is very important in finding the right Ski Boot as it is always fixed and will not flex or change at all.

There are two types of materials a boot can be made from: polyolefine and polyether. It's easy to tell the difference between the two materials. You can see through polyether (it's slightly transparent) and polyefine is always opaque.

Polyolefine is a lighter material that is typically used in cheaper boots. Because of its light weight, it is not as stiff as polyether.

Polyether is heavier, denser, and is less brittle when it gets colder. Polyether also generally lasts longer.

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