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[edit] Presenters

Joseph T. Fitzgerald - FIS Freestyle Coordinator [[1]]

Riikka Rakic - FIS Communications Manager [2]

Anna Banach - Infront Italy [3]

Konrad X Rotermund - Mainstream Marketing [4]

[edit] Some Background Information

Joe Fitzgerald spoke about the number of competitors and officials that attend the Freestyle FIS World Cup each season. He provided the following information.

There were the following on the 2008-2009 FIS Freestyle World Cup:

  • Total various Nations 34
  • Total various Ladies 185
  • Total various Men 335
  • Total various athlete 520

More details are located here.

  • What are the Competitor Thinking about? see the link here [5]

[edit] The Story to Follow

It is really about a group of skiers that travel around the world and compete against each other, then it is determined who is the best skier that season.

  • Each Season has a series of Chapters
  • Each Organizer has a chapter in this story
  • Each Course has it own special characteristics
  • Each Competition has a beginning, a middle and an end
  • Each Season has a beginning, a middle and an end

We all need to link these stories and chapters together

[edit] A Rolling Standard

[edit] We are all in a Competition

[edit] Some Basics - Inside the Fences

Give us a Course, where we can best tell the story

We can make a schedule together, to create best way to tell the story

  • Competitor Focus
  • TV Focus
  • Presentation Focus

Organizers 'Lets run the competition together"'

  • Being totally prepared to produce a Great Competition

Example Branas SWE 2009

[edit] Freestyle Sport Production

  • Never a Dull Moment

Sport Production for Freestyle FIS World Cups

Presented by Konrad X Rotermund - Mainstream Marketing [6] , Chief of Competition, Deer Valley USA World Cup

[edit] 1. Educate, Entertain and Inform

  • Categorize what goes on video wall
  • Use other TV programs to entertain during breaks
  • Have scoreboard and video wall side-by-side
  • Examples – personalize – volunteers; course build; key athletes
  • Short features – location information, commercial material,
  • Music videos
  • FIS World Cup information – current leaders, previous year champions, current standings, place your event within the context of the overall FIS World Cup Tour
  • Know your audience

[edit] 2. Programming Announcers

  • Flow of competition – keep current with information
  • Get out of the booth – gathering information; “streeters”
  • Interviews with coaches & athletes – use of mobile phone technology
  • Video camera in fixed position inside announcer booth to cut to announcers “live”
  • Use U-tube videos – internet material – for video wall presentation
  • Volunteer appreciation – names on boards, capturing their “day”
  • Give announcers specific scripts – plan the day
  • Announcers are journalists as well
    • Talk at the same level as the crowd
  • Audio cues – prior to start of round & prior to start of runs a cue for “back to the top”
    • Microphone on Starter
    • Use of radio over sound system
  • Create special graphics – lower 1/3s, ½ & ¼ page
  • Size of Video walls
    • 5’ x 8’ (1,000 to 3,000 people depending on placement)
    • Location is key
    • Based on number of people
    • Image and “live” within same visual presence
    • Up by Finish line, particularly for Ski Cross

[edit] 3. Music Selection

  • hire professional DJs, need to like the sport, think it’s cool
    • Prohibit use of music with swearing – impact on TV Broadcast signal with ambient sound
  • Role of Language – Athletes are used to English commands
  • English needs to be incorporated into the timing, pacing functions
  • 60/40 – host/English

[edit] TV Distribution Freestyle FIS World Cup 2008-2009

Presented Anna Banach - Infront Italy [7]

TV Distribution by Nation Season 2008-2009

Infront is a leading international sports marketing company and specialist service provider to sport. As the market changes and more major rights holders build their rights in-house, Infront is responding with new business approach, which provides a closer and more effective level of partnership with its clients, whether they are sports federations, Organising Committees or sponsors. Infront has its headquarters in Zug, Switzerland and offices in eleven countries: Switzerland, Austria, Finland, Germany, Italy, Norway, Sweden, France (HBS), South Africa (HBS), Singapore (FMS) and China. It is a private company with over 400 employees. Its shareholders have a genuine commitment to sport and believe in building long-term relationships. As a result, some of its contractual relationships go back more than 25 years and are among the longest in the industry.

List of Nations

  • NORWAY NRK/TV2 (news)

[edit] Types OF Distribution Products

  • LIVE transmission of the entire competition on a live basis
  • SAME-DAY DELAYED transmission of the entire competition on the same competition day but after the competition’s end
  • DELAYED transmission of the entire competition on a delayed basis (starting from the day after the competition)
  • REPEAT re-run of the live and/or delayed transmission
  • HIGHLIGHTStransmission of the top runs from each competition possibly with the interviews and podium shots (transmission covers the most important aspects of the competitions in less than 20 minutes)
  • MAGAZINE weekly official Freestyle FIS World Cup TV program that covers all the World Cup competitions. During the 2008-2009 there were 13 episodes of 25 minutes each. All the episodes have the following elements: race/competition report, focus on athletes/characters as well as on particularly interesting aspects of the World Cup
  • NEWS short (3 minutes) competition recap featuring final, winners and podium

TV Distribution 2008-2009 Freestyle FIS World Cup

TV Exposure Report – Focus on the kind of Broadcast 2007-2008 and 2008-2009

Image:TV Exposure Report – focus on the kind of broadcast 2008 2009.png

TV Exposure Report – Focus on the Event 2007-2008 and 2008-2009

Image:TV Exposure Report – focus on the event 2008 to 2009.png

TV Exposure Report – focus on the Transmission per Country

Image:TV Exposure Report – focus on the Transmission per Country.png

  • Long Term Vision
    • Increase the quality of the TV Production with the difinition of TV standards
    • Increase the Distribution of Freestyle Images
    • Provide more value to for Freestyle Skiing

[edit] Working to support the Media at your Competition

SURVEY ON MEDIA SERVICES Presented by; Riikka Rakic - FIS Communications Manager [8]

FIS Media Survey, download the PDF file Here; Image:Media OPS OCsFS seminar2009.pdf


  • Survey conducted during month of January 2009
  • Sent out to 417 journalists, 21 countries
  • 180 responses (43%!)
  • Focus on overall level of current services

Young (<40) vs. other

  • There are more women in that group
  • They tend to work more for TV or Internet
  • They attend the events even more because of access to athletes and are even more price conscious
  • They are in general quite happy with the media services but critical of our press conferences=> prefer direct access


  • Loyal media crew -men between 40-49 years old
  • Desire for a functioning FIS season accreditation

They need:

  • Good Access to Athletes => Mixed Zone
  • Costs –especially help for accommodation
  • Smoother accreditation process

They would like:

  • Efficient WIFI (faster upload speed), ideally free
  • More events in same place/better calendar planning
  • Good working conditions in Press Rooms

[edit] Freestyle Skiing TV Production Standards

The Development of TV Standards

See the outline of the Freestyle TV Production

Draft Table of Contents

1 Competition Format

2 Television Broadcast Planning

  • 2.1 Production Objectives
  • 2.2 Agreements per Venue

3 Advertising Considerations

  • 3.1 FIS Advertising Rules

4 Television Technical Standards

  • 4.1 General see; TV Cameras
  • 4.2 Standard Definition Technical Specification
  • 4.3 High Definition Technical Specification
  • 4.4 Audio Specification

5 Accreditation and Supplementary Access Devices

  • 5.1 Accreditation
  • 5.2 Camera Stickers
  • 5.3 Operator Bibs

6 Multilateral TV Production Considerations

7 Graphics, Data and Timing

8 TV Production, Course and Venue Logistics

  • 8.1 Logistics
  • 8.2 Starting Area
  • 8.3 Starting Time
  • 8.4 Venue/Region Information
  • 8.5 Official Draw
  • 8.6 Start Intervals
  • 8.7 Intermediate Times
  • 8.8 Action Area
  • 8.9 Speciality Cameras
  • 8.10 TV Technical Breaks
  • 8.11 Winner’s Award Ceremony
  • 8.12 Pre- and Post Unilateral Transmissions

9 Broadcast Operations and Contingency During Event Phase

  • 9.1 Course Setting
  • 9.2 Test/Rehearsal Opportunities
  • 9.3 Schedule Changes
  • 9.4 Co-ordination / Information
  • 9.5 Backup Programme
  • 9.6 Competition Radio Communication
  • 9.7 Public Address System

10 Unilateral Broadcasters

  • 10.1 TV Interviews During the Live Transmission of the Event
  • 10.2 Studio and In-vision Positions
  • 10.3 ENG Crews
  • 10.4 Finish Area and Mixed Zone
  • 10.5 TV Ratings

11 Running Order Procedures

  • 11.1 Procedure for the start of competition
  • 11.2 Procedure at the end of competition (for MO,AE and SX in particular)

12 Host Broadcaster - Competition Production Guidelines

13 Sample Production Schedules

14 Format Guidelines for Unilateral Broadcasters

15 Innovative Future Enhancements

16 Appendices

16.4 Venue Profiles

[edit] The Next Steps

We look forward to working with you to develop your competition and tahnsk for attending.

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