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3012 Organising Committee

3012.1 Composition The Organising Committee consists of those members (physical or legal) who are delegated by the Organiser and by the International Ski Federation. It carries the rights, duties and obligations of the Organiser.

3012.2 The Organising Committee must assume all responsibility to ensure that the details involved in hosting a FIS authorized competition are properly controlled. The importance of efficient communications with all individuals and participating associations is essential to a well-planned competition.

3012.3 The Organising Committee should provide a service to all participants and guests, which provides information and material regarding accommodation and travel details. This information should be circulated at least three (3) months in advance to ensure availability.

3012.4 The Organising Committee is responsible for providing results, by telefax, or e-mail, to the FIS Office and those countries participating in the compe-tition immediately as they are available. Only if there has been a delay may the results be made available the day after the competition. The communication of results on the same day is the responsibility of the representatives from each country.

3012.5 Appointments by the International Ski Federation FIS appoints the Technical Delegate (TD) for all competitions.

3012.5.1 The Judges for a competition will be a group of qualified individuals. For international competitions, the FIS Freestyle Committee will appoint the panel of judges.

3012.5.2 The Head Judge will be appointed by the FIS Freestyle Committee.

3012.5.3 By these appointments the officials mentioned above become members of the organising committee.

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