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The TD’s and Judges have a right to reimbursement for their travel expenses up to a maximum of CHF 600.--1) (highway taxes included) as well as free accommodation and meals during the assignment.

This rule also applies to inspections as well as the trip to the competition (train, first class; for longer distance air fare, tourist class; or car per kilometer, CHF 0.70 or equivalent).

In addition a fixed daily rate of CHF 100.-- is added for the travel days to and from, as well as each day of the assignment, which includes postage charges for mailing reports, etc. Double charges (e.g. travelling home on the same day as the last race) are not permitted.

Overnight accommodation during the journey to and from the assignment is necessary, must be justified and reimbursed separately.

1) The maximum payment of CHF 600.-- is valid for all races except WC and COC events.

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