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VANOC General Update FIS Newsletter


[edit] Spring 2009 - One-Year Countdown

February 12, 2009, marked 365 days until Canada officially welcomes the world for the 2010 Olympic Winter Games. In addition to various celebrations that took place across the country, VANOC chose this occasion to unveil the design of the Olympic Torch.

[edit] Infrastructure Update

In preparation for the upcoming season, VANOC will work on the freestyle aerials and moguls courses, adding a couple of winch anchors, and replacing the light tower and lighting to meet Games broadcast standards.

Other smaller projects, such as painting and repairs, will be completed this summer as well. For the ski cross course, VANOC will relocate the light tower that is too close to the field of play, relocate a couple of snow-making guns, and extensively modify the finish area to improve it for athletes and to give staff and volunteers more space as well.

[edit] FIS Visits

The aerials and moguls courses passed homologation tests in 2008. VANOC is looking forward to welcoming back the FIS Freestyle Race Director for the Timing and Scoring homologation in June. At the homologation test, every possible scenario that could be encountered at the finish line and in the results will be simulated, to get a true sense of how well the systems have been designed.

[edit] Freestyle FIS World Cup Sport Event

The Canada Post Freestyle Grand Prix was held from February 5 to 7, 2009, at Cypress Mountain. Canadian athletes rose to the occasion at this event, and walked away with 8 of a possible 18 medals in freestyle, including 4 of 6 gold. All the events were well attended, but the largest group of spectators — estimated at 2,500 people — crowded the finish of the mogul event on the Saturday to watch Canada take the gold in both the men’s and women’s events. Although presented with many challenges beyond its control at this year’s Canada Post Freestyle Grand Prix, the VANOC team had a great opportunity to test itself and some other major components of the event, such as the volunteer group and the transportation plan.

Because of extensive planning, a solid yet flexible venue team, and great communication between the federation and VANOC’s organizing team, all the events ran smoothly and on time. The mogul event had a combination of perfect weather, great skiing, and close scoring which ensured a fantastic finish.

As previously mentioned, the VANOC team was able to test itself extensively this year, and the largest group within the team was the volunteers. They worked very hard under challenging conditions to do a terrific job of maintaining the fields of play. Many of these people had little or no previous event experience and the sport event was a great training environment. VANOC has learnt a lot that will help the preparations for the Games next year, with the assistance of many of the same people who worked at the sport event.

Access to both finish areas was not easy for snowcats. For the Games, dedicated paths will be created for them. Also, the space around the jumps for the aerial events was a difficult space in which to manoeuvre the large snowcats. VANOC has acquired smaller snowcats so that in 2010 the course builders will be able to move around more easily.

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