Mogul Draw Team Captains Meeting - Deer Valley 28.01.09 at 17.00

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[edit] Call to Order - Konrad

Freestyle FIS World Cup link: [1]

Deer Valley Resort: [[2]]

Teams are asked to check the entries!!!

Moguls (estimated numbers)

18 Nations

34 Ladies

53 Men

[edit] Roll Call - Gail

AUT Austria

AUS Australia

CAN Canada

CZE Czech Republic

FIN Finland

FRA France

GER Germany

GBR Great Britain

GRE Greece

ITA Italy

JPN Japan

KAZ Kazakhstan

NOR Norway

RUS Russia

SLO Slovenia

SUI Switzerland

SWE Sweden

USA United States of America

[edit] 3043.7 Draw

All of the entries need to be confirmed by the teams, and the data service performs the draw.

Start List for Qualifications and Finals

[edit] 3020.2.1 Report of the day by the O.C.

[edit] Presentation of the Organizing Committee - Konrad

Chief of Competition Konrad Rotermund

Chief of Moguls Nat Schirman

Assistant Chief of Moguls Kevin Gagne

Chief of Start TD BIEGEL

Scoring/Timing Global Sport Services

Events Coordinator – Deer Valley Resort Ana Rodriguez

Chief of First Aid/Medical Steve Graff

[edit] Presentation of the Jury & FIS Officials - Konrad

3032/3033 Appointment of Jury (TD, Head Judge, Chief of Competition)

Chief of Competition Konrad Rotermund, USA

FIS Technical Delegate Walt Hiltner, AUS

Head Judge Hans-Ulrich Menrad, GER

FIS Freestyle Coordinator/Race Director Joe Fitzgerald, FIS

[edit] Presentation of Judges

3045.3 Introduction of the Judges


USA Deer Valley, 29.-31.01.09

U. Menrad, GER (H.J)

O. Grange, FRA

O. Kitov, RUS

St. Buob, SUI

F. Howell, USA

T. Kanninen, FIN

O. Sundequist, SWE

I. Hutchings, CAN

[edit] Technical Delegate Report – Walt

210/211 Report by the Technical Delegate

All training sessions occured on time. Weather was no very nice. One injury on bib #35. All courses were measured.

[edit] Advisory Committees - Joe

3034 Appointment of Competitor Committee

Advisory Committee

Chief of Course:Nat SCHIRMAN USA

Ladies Moguls M. MARBLER AUT

Men's Moguls P. OCHS FRA

[edit] Shapers, Air Bump Advisors - Joe

3034.2 Appointment of jump shapers / Air Bump Shapers

Moguls Air Bump Shapers Connection Coaches 08-09

[edit] Forerunners - Konrad


(A) Annie Serra (USA) before Ladies qualification

(B) Brad Wilson (USA) before Men's qualification

(C) Bobby Carroll (USA)before Men's qualification

(D) Shane Johnson (USA)before Men's qualification

(E) Jillian Vogtli (US Ski Team) before for Ladies qualification

[edit] Weather Forecast - Konrad

Todays Weather Report 28.01.09 [3]

Clear -

Low of -14C high of - 4C -

Winds 10kmh ESE

[edit] Program of the Next Day – January 29, 2009 – Joe

Program details Image:FISFreestyle-DV09-MogulProtocol.pdf

[edit] Mogul Competition Program - Konrad

Program details Image:FISFreestyle-DV09-MogulProtocol.pdf

Chairlift Access Lift access used Carpenter Lift

Ceremonies/Entertainment/Awards to immediately follow events on all days in the Finish Area. Top 3 plus WC Leaders Bib

Press Conferences Immediately following awards ceremony in Press Room in Snow Park Lodge

[edit] FIS Report - Joe

- Cypress CAN Information

- Are Sweden Information

- 2009 WSC Inawashiro JPN Information

[edit] Information from the Organizers - Konrad

We wish you the best of luck tomorrow

Dual Moguls are new bibs (VISA), keep your mogul bibs (Nature Valley) Go to race to get Dual Moguls to race office after 16.30 29.01.09

Start List for Qualifications need to be confirmed by the teams after the distribution

[edit] Close of the Meeting/Next Meeting

Dual Mogul Draw Team Captains Meeting - Deer Valley 30.01.09 at 09.00

Agenda Points postponed

To Do List

Deer Valley 2009, Freestyle Skiing, 1st Team Captains Meeting Deer Valley 27.01.09, Dual Mogul Draw Team Captains Meeting - Deer Valley 30.01.09 at 09.00

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