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The vast majority of people who experience a FIS event do so through the media (TV, radio, newspapers, and internet). The contributions of the media to the promotion of our sport are fundamental. It is an on-going process of which the major events, such as the FIS World Championships and the annual FIS World Cup tours, represent the apex, supported by hundreds of smaller FIS events. The provision of excellent media services and working facilities that encourage active reporting from our competitions should thus be a priority for all local organizing committees (LOCs).

The athletes are the stars of a competition; they are also the main reason why the media attend an event on-site. Today, the top athletes are professionals who appreciate the value of the media for promoting them and their sports. The task for facilitating this cooperation between the athletes and attending media is one of the key challenges a LOC faces.

Using the FIS Wiki Media Service Resources

This section of the FIS Wiki is focused on providing ideas, additional resources and best practice examples for the Media Service staff at the FIS LOCs.

It is divided into the same sections as the FIS Media Service Guidelines:

  1. – Media Organization
  2. – Media Facilities
  3. – Media Service
  4. – Photo Service
  5. TV / Radio Service and Facilities
  6. – Media Logistics
  7. – Information/PR & Event Website
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