Magglingen Youth and Children's Seminar 2003

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The first FIS Youth and Children's Seminar was organized in Magglingen (SUI) on 22nd-23rd November. This FIS Youth Ski Sports Conference was entitled "Better Ski Sports for Youngsters...Better Youngsters for Life!"

The goals of the seminar were to bring together 50 youth sports administrators of developing ski nations, create awareness regarding the state of youth ski sports by allowing the attendees to cross over and provide “how to” solutions and suggestions for youth ski sports administrators. Youth was defined as young people between 10 and 17 years of age.

The seminar program can be found here [1]

  • Presentation on "Ski sport and education, The Austrian Model" by Werner Wörndle of Austria can be found here [2]
  • Presentation on "The Norwegian Model" by Jørund Li of Norway can be found here
  • Presentation on "Teaching Ski Sport Technics for Kids and Youngsters" by Prof. Kaarel Zilmer of Estonia can be found here [3] and a summary here [4]
  • Presentation on "Fitness and Power Training for Young Skiers and Snowboarders" by Thomas Jäger of Switzerland can be found here [5]
  • Presentation on "Teaching Questions and Experiences of Ski Training and Teaching with Youngsters" by Tom Barbeau and Rob Clayton of the USA can be found here [6].
  • Presentation on "Sponsoring: ”Example of National Youth Ski Events“ by Silvia Agustoni can be found here [7]

CVs of the speakers can be found here [8]

Questions used in the Working Groups can be found here [9]

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