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Overall Focus

  • International children cross country festival. The races will include free style sprint 1100m and classic mass start 5km (girls)/10km (boys).
  • The Lukjanovs Track races took its name after the famous couple of Russian trainers - Vera and Sergey Lukjanovs. More than 25 years they have been training kids at their school - bringing them up while bringing them to snow. There are some children who can be called "neglected"(having one parent or no parents at all), and for them it's highly important to have a good example of healthy lifestyle in front of them. Every year about 100 newcoming kids (from 7 to 16) start their training at the school and they get all the necessary physical and moral support.
  • This kids project has the name of the Festival because the competitions always have the musical opening ceremony, music arrangement and honoured guests like famous skiers and sponsors. Last year it was held the 10th time and had among the guests Nikolai Kruglov, four-times World Champion in biathlon, Eugeny Dementiev, the Olympic Champion, Viktor Maigurov, many-times World Champion and Olympic prize-winner, as well as Kent Tornqvist, the official representative of the Russian branch of Craft and a prize sponsor of the festival. It should be mentioned that Viktor Maigurov is one of the most famous and honoured athletes who was "brought up" and trained at the Lukjanovs school.

Target Group

  • Children between 9 and 16 years


  • No information available


  • 18th - 20th of March 2011

Contact Information

Lukjanovs' ski-track
Sergey Batalov, race director [1]


  • Photos: [2]
  • See here for a report from 2010 Festival [3]

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