List of Homologated Ski Cross Start gates

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List of Homologated Ski Cross Start gates

The following Ski Cross Gates designs have been approved by the International Ski Federation. See the approved application forms here;

  1. Se Tech GER date approved 04.11.07; Image:SeTech SX-Gate GER .pdf Web Page [1]
  2. Waldspurger V1 SUI date approved 27.11.08; Image:SX Gate Homologation SUI .pdf
  3. Brandauer GmbH AUT date approved 30.06.11; Image:Startgate Homologation Brandauer GmbH.pdf webpage [2]
  4. Waldspurger V2 SUI date approved 29.12.12; Image:Waldsprurger SUI V2 SX Gate.pdf
  5. Se Tech V2 GER date approved 12.09.12; Image:SX Gate V2 Settele Se Tech Alpin.pdf Web Page [3]
  6. Event Production Specislists, LLC dated approved 01.10.12 Image:Event productions USA SX Gate.pdf

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