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Alpe d'Huez is a ski resort at 1,860 to 3,330 metres (6,100 to 10,900 ft). It is a mountain pasture in the Central French Alps, in the commune of Huez, in the Isère département.

Alpe d'Huez is one of Europe's premier skiing venues. The site of the Pomagalski's first surface lift in the mid thirties, the resort gained popularity when it hosted the bobsleigh events of the 1968 Winter Olympics.

With 249 km of piste and 84 ski lifts, the resort is now one of the world's largest. Extensive snowmaking facilities helped combat the ski area's largely south-facing orientation and helped Alpe d'Huez appeal to beginner skiers, with very easy slopes. The expansion of the skiing above the linked resorts of Vaujany, Oz-en-Oisans, Villard Reculas and Auris boosted the quantity and quality of intermediate grade slopes but the resort is mostly known for freeskiing, drawing many steep skiing enthusiasts to its high altitude terrain.


[edit] Inspection Report

Date September 14, 2009
Course Piste verte du Lac Blanc
Vertical Drop 198 meters
Course Length 1220 meters
Orientation North West Facing

GPSies information [1]

Look from the start down to the 1st turn to skiers right
Look from the start down to the 1st turn to skiers right
Look from the finish line
Look from the finish line

[edit] Course Profile

Altitude range

  • 198 Meter (Altitude from 1,944 to 2,142 Meter)
  • [650 feet (Altitude from 6,376 to 7,026 feet)]
  • Total descent: 197 Meter [646 feet]

Starting Coordinates

  • Latitude: N 45°06.264' / N 45°6'15.876" / N +45.1044100
  • Longitude: E 6°05.056' / E 6°5'03.364" / E +6.08426800

Ending Coordinates

  • Latitude: N 45°05.914' / N 45°5'54.877" / N +45.0985770
  • Longitude: E 6°04.444' / E 6°4'26.67" / E +6.07407500

[edit] Course Drawing

Image:L'Alpe d'Huez FRA légendes.JPG

[edit] Europa Cup 2009

[edit] Ski Area Map

[edit] World Cup 2010

[edit] World Cup 2011

After the Start 1th Roller @ 55 m next Roller @ 13 m, Jump @40 m with landing in 17 m, after the Landing two Rollers, then a Step Up- Landing @ 17 m, small Turn left , then a Bank right, following of a left Bank, then 3 Rollers, litle Turn right, then a Jump @46 m- Landing @ 21 m, then a Bank left, then 5 Rollers, then a Bank right, then a Jump with a table and one more Jump, then a Bank left, then Big jump with the table @ 13 m, then negative Turn right, then a small Roller and Finish-Jump with a table @ 15 m, then the finishline @ 100 m.

Ski Cross Course L'Alpe d'Huez FRA January 2011
Ski Cross Course L'Alpe d'Huez FRA January 2011

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