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Finish Area, for Cross, Slopestyle, Big air and Aerials
Finish Area, for Cross, Slopestyle, Big air and Aerials

The 2015 FIS Freestyle Ski and Snowboarding World Championships were held in Schönberg-Lachtal / Kreischberg, Austria from January 15–25, 2015.

Qualification for the women's aerials event began a day before the opening ceremony. Freestyle skiers competed in six disciplines: moguls, dual moguls, ski cross, slopestyle, halfpipe and aerials.

Snowboarders competed in six disciplines: halfpipe, slopestyle, parallel slalom, parallel giant slalom, big air and snowboard cross. Kreischberg was awarded the event in 2010. The FIS (International Ski Federation) decided to merge the FIS Freestyle World Championships with the FIS Snowboarding World Championships starting with these championships.

[edit] Schedule

QQualification FFinal
Event↓/Date → Wed 14 Thu 15 Fri 16 Sat 17 Sun 18 Mon 19 Tue 20 Wed 21 Thu 22 Fri 23 Sat 24 Sun 25
Moguls Q F
Dual Moguls Q F
Aerials Q F
Freestyle halfpipe Q Q F
Freestyle slopestyle Q F
Ski cross Q F
Big air Q F
Snowboard halfpipe Q F
Snowboard slopestyle Q F
Snowboard cross Q F
Parallel giant slalom Q F
Parallel slalom Q F

Estimation of Entries WSC 2015

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