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4009 Knock Out Format

4009.1 Ordering of the Rounds between Ladies and Men’s

Men’s and Ladies Rounds will be run in sequence, a full men’s or ladies round must be completed before the next men’s or ladies round can start. The order of the rounds are;

Ladies Round of Eight, then Men’s round of Eight

Ladies Round of Four, then Men’s round of Four

Ladies and Men’s Small Final

Ladies and Men’s Big Final

4009.2 Pairings and Heats for the Final Rounds

In the 1st Round (Quarter Final) there will be 8 jumps with 4 pairs and 4 heats,

Heat 1; 7th place vs. 2nd place Heat 2; 6th place vs. 3rd place Heat 3; 5th place vs. 4th place Heat 4; 8th place vs. 1st place

4009.3 Pairings and Heats for the Semi Final Round

In the 2nd Round (Semi Final) there are 4 jumps with, with 2 Pairs and 2 Heats. Heat 5 - Semi Final; is comprised of the winners from Heat 1 and 2. Heat 6 - Semi Final; is comprised of the winners from Heat 3 and 4.

4009.4 Pairings and Heats for the Small and Big Final

In the 3rd Round (Small Final and Big Final) there are 4 jumps, with 2 pairs and 2 Heats. Heat 7 / Small Final; for 3rd and 4th place (loser of Heat 5 vs. loser of Heat 6) Heat 8 / Big Final; for 1st and 2nd.place (winners of Heat 5 vs. winners of Heat 6)

4009.5 Final Ranking

4009.5.1 Ranking of the eliminated Competitors

The losers from each round will be ranked according to the score from those heats and rounds. (for places 5th to 8th). The highest score in the previous round will receive the rank according to the previous round. (5th place will be determined by the highest ranked score in that round, the 2nd highest score will be ranked as 6th place, 3rd highest ranked score will be placed 7th and the 4th highest ranked score will be ranked in 8th place)

4009.5.2 Rankings determined by the Semi Final and Final

The highest ranked score from each semi final heat will then go on to the final round, which will determine 1st and 2nd place. The loser in each Semi Final Heat will go will then go on to the Small Final, which determines 3rd and 4th place.

4009.6 Special Procedures

4009.6.1 Lower ranked Competitor Jumps First

The lower ranked Competitors will always jump first in the each heat. For the semi final, the lowest score, from the previous round will jump first. For the final, the lowest score, from the previous round will jump first.

4009.6.2 Jump Limitation

No jumps can be performed twice, except in the Final round, then the competitors can repeat a jump from a previous Round.

4009.6.3 Competitor not jumping in a round

If an competitor or competitors do not jump in any heat in any round, then they will receive a ranking based upon a score of the previous round.

The other will competitor will not jump in that heat, but proceeds onto the next round.

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