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The standard FIS Score Cards can be downloaded from FIS Web Site and produced by the OC.

Mogul Judging Procedures

Each judge writes their scores for turns or the score and DD for jumps on the score cards.

The Judges enter the scores into the keypads.

The two air judges and the Head Judge and Data Service are all located next to each other.

For the jumps in Moguls, DeltaTre enters the jump code into the results system directly. The Head Judge and the two air judges agree what each the jump was, and this is written on the score card with the agreed upon code.

The ‘Jump Codes’ have a value. Each ‘letter’ has a value and the values are added up to get total value for the DD / Jump.

Once the all of the scores have been entered, the Head Judge reviews the scores on screen next to the Data Service.

The score cards are collected by an assistant and given to the Head Judge.

The Head Judge also checks the cards that have been collected by the scoring assistant against the data screen.

Then the Head Judge confirms or approves the scores and they are sent to TV Graphics, Score Board and now the Internet.

All results are ‘Unofficial’ until the check and approved by the Head Judge and Chief of Scoring. The approval is with the signature.

After the round of phase in the competition has been completed, the Judges work, in pairs, to check each and every the judge’s scores cards against the 'Unofficial' results.

At the end of each competition, every score, every time and every DD is visual checked before the results are approved both by the Head Judges and Chief of Scoring.

Once the results are ‘Official’ the Awards can start.

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