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From June 18-20, 2009, 11 freestyle officials from seven nations re-evaluating over 100 competition runs and jumps from last season’s Freestyle FIS World Cup.

This three day FIS Freestyle Judges’ Proctors meeting was held in Munich(GER)at the Sheraton Munich Westpark Hotel [1].

The pre-meeting work made great use of most advanced video technology (Dartfish TV Front Flip vs. Front Flip [2]), and was the result of a cooperative approach between every aspect of the discipline, including input from the NSA coaches, to the preparation of material by the different Rules and Officials working groups as well as FIS coordination.

The detailed video material that was reviewed and produced will be used at the series of annual continental judges’ clinics this coming autumn. The A level judges’ clinics will be held in Jindabyne (AUS), Queenstown (NZL), Stockholm (SWE), Montreal (CAN) Roggenbeuren Bodensee (GER), Toyama (JPN) and a location to be determined either in Belarus or the Ukraine while some B level clinics will be held in North America, Europe and Asia. It is expected that just over 350 Freestyle Judges will be trained before the start of next season.

By the end of the seminar, 20 hours of clinic material, with 80 mogul runs, 20 half-pipe runs and 50 aerial jumps had been detailed and a total 70 gigabits of video data produced. The video material will be available from the FOT [3], or Dartfish TV [4].


[edit] Proctors Clinic

  • Oleg Kitov RUS
  • Gerry Beniot CAN
  • Ola Sundequist SWE
  • Tina Tanaka-Sundequist JPN
  • Jim Bates USA
  • Jay Simson USA
  • Timo Kanninen FIN
  • Ian Hutchings CAN
  • Reinhard Krampfl GER
  • Stefan Buob SUI
  • Han Uli Menrad GER
  • Joe Fitzgerald FIS Freestyle Coordinator

[edit] Dartfish TV

Pre work was done by the officials based upon the work on the Freestyle Site on Dartfish TV. Look here to see the channel: [5]

Front Flip vs Front Flip [6]

[edit] List of Freestyle Judges

List of Freestyle Judges on the FIS web site [7]

[edit] Location

Sheraton Munich Westpark Hotel

Garmischer Strasse 2

Munich 80339 · Germany webpage [8]

[edit] 2009-2010 Judges Clinic Material

  • Moguls Turns: 25 men, 15 women
  • Airs: 30-40 men, 20 women
  • Dual Moguls 10 runs (pairs)
  • Aerials 40 men, 20 women
  • Halfpipe Finals

[edit] Test Material

  • Moguls Trick ID: 24 men, 12 women
  • Turns: 6 men, 6 ladies
  • Air (Moguls) 12 men / 12 ladies
  • Aerials Trick ID: 6 men, 6 women
  • Scoring Air and Form: 8 men, 8 ladies
  • Scoring Landing: 4 men, 4 ladies
  • Halfpipe 3 women, 3 men

[edit] Changes in the Skiing Line

Image:Fall lines.jpg

Moguls Judging 2009-2010

Aerials Judging 2009-2010

[edit] Proposal to Freestyle Committee concerning 'Front Slap'

Punch Front landing values need clarification

  • Form , need greater attention to separation and timing
  • Revised scorecard needed for punch front consideration.

Punch Front is considered as severe imbalance and could include either small touch , ie front flip or hard touch , ie front roll .6 should be max for the touch.

The Group discussed the possibility of front without touch , and the consensus is that the severe imbalance is the driver and must push the score down, the exit can be evaluated for after the touch and result in score up to 1.7 max and will out score the backslap.

Explain to the world that the Punch from may appear as a fall but could receive the same score as a landing that hits ski first and is working extreme movement and struggle to maintain on their feet, could possibly receive lower score than the punch front due to the control and the management of the position.

Difference between front roll and the back slap is up to 0.4 .

Proposal: add punch front value to score card

Remove the reference of 12-16 from the scorecard.

Punch Front roll with possible light touch will be added to the .8-1.1 section of the card. Light touch is considered as ski to ski front , light touch is with the hand.

Punch front roll will be added to landing card language.

  • Video examples are needed for clinic
  • .5-.9
  • .8 – 1.1

Card language has been revised. during meeting

“ Front roll , even if there is “no – touch” must be lower than the basic ‘no-touch’ score.

Reviewed video examples of Punch front landings and discussed the “almost landed” vs the radical “interesting landing “ that scores better.

  • Page 11 section 60043.1.2 needs clarification to include the results of this conversation and reference punch front roll landing condition.
  • Refresher, pre world cup judge work should be distributed to assure understanding prior to assignment.

Image:Punch Front meeting proposal 2009.PNG

[edit] Development of the Judging Process

Image:Freestyle Judging process description 1.PNG

Image:Freestyle Judging process decription 2.PNG

[edit] Standard Program for the FIS Judges Clinics

Day 0 Arrival and Check-in

Day 1

  • 0900-10:30 Welcome / Information
    • Introduction of proctors
    • Review FIS Meeting Decisions
    • Rule Changes
    • Pre Test and Rules Test
  • 10:45-1200 Clinic
    • Halfpipe
  • 1200-1330 Lunch
  • 13:30-18:00 Clinic
    • 13:30 - 16:00 Halfpipe
    • 16:30 - 18:00 Ladies Mogul Air
  • 1800 End

Day 2

  • 0830-1000 Information
    • Men's Moguls Air
  • 1015-1200 Clinic
    • Moguls Ladies Turns
  • 1200-1330 Lunch
  • 1330-1545 Clinic
    • Moguls Men's Turns
  • 1600-17:00 Moguls Test
  • 1715-18:30 Dual Moguls
  • 1900 End

Day 3

  • 0900-1200 Clinic
    • Aerials Ladies
  • 1200-1330 Lunch
  • 1330-1630 Clinic
    • Aerials Men's
  • 17:00- 1800
    • Aerial Test (8 Ladies / 12 Men / 8 Landings)
  • 1800 End

[edit] Presenters For the Clinic 2009-2010


  1. Ola Sundequist SWE (in cooperation with Snowboarding)
  1. Ola Sundequist SWE (in cooperation with Snowboarding)
  1. Ola Sundequist SWE
  2. Timo Kanninen FIN
  1. Gerry Benoit CAN
  2. Ian Hutchings CAN
  3. Jim Bates USA
  1. Reinhard Krampfl GER
  2. Uli Menrad GER
  3. Stefan Buob SUI
  • Kiev UKR or Minsk BLR
  1. Oleg Kitov RUS
  2. TBA
  1. Tina Tanaka-Sundequist JPN
  2. TBA
  1. TBA

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