Innichen San Candido ITA December 18, 2009 1st TCM

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[edit] Call to Order

Freestyle FIS World Cup link:

  1. Competition web link [1]
  2. Link to FIS web site [2]
  3. Wikipedia Reference [3]
  4. Village Web Site[4]
  5. Village Web Cam [5]
  6. Snow-Forecast link [6]
  7. Slope Web Cam [7]
  8. Ski Area Web Site [8]

[edit] Roll Call

AUS Australia
AUT Austria
CAN Canada
CZE Czech Republic
DAN Denmark
FIN Finland
FRA France
GER Germany
GBR Great Britain
ITA Italy
JPN Japan
JAM Jamacia
KAZ Kazakhstan
NOR Norway
NZE New Zealand
POL Poland
ROU Rumania
RUS Russia
SLO Slovenia
SPA Spain
SUI Switzerland
SWE Sweden
USA United States of America

(xx Nations)

[edit] Welcome from the Organizers


Organisation :

[edit] Presentation of the Organizing Committee

The Organisers

[edit] Production Team

Chief of Sound


TV Liaison/Venue Producer

[edit] Presentation of the Jury & FIS Officials

3032/3033 Appointment of Jury (TD, Referee, Chief of Competition)

Chief of Competition Ski Cross
FIS Technical Delegate
FIS Freestyle Coordinator/Race Director

[edit] Ski Cross Training Groups

24 Nations Ski Associations

Group 1: Morning

  • KAZ 2
  • GER 11
  • SWE 10
  • AUT 12
  • DAN 1
  • POL 4
  • LIE 1
  • NOR 11
  • SLO 4
  • CZE 6
  • JPN 11
  • FIN 4
  • Total = 77

Group 2:

  • USA 9
  • CAN 13
  • RUS 9
  • SUI 15
  • FRA 14
  • AUS 4
  • SPA 1
  • NZL 1
  • JAM 1
  • GBR 6
  • ITA 5
  • ROU 1
  • Total = 79

[edit] Program of the Week

Group 1

inspection 09.00-09.30
training 09.45 - 10.45

Group 2

inspection 11.00-11.30
training 11.45-12.45

[edit] Technical Delegate Report

The TD reported that the course have been measured.

Start Area 8 meters at 0 degrees

meters long at xx degrees Finish area meters is 45 at 10 degrees

width control gates 11.5 meters

From the start there is 1 roller at 27m, followed by a second roller, after 19 meters. rollers, then a long turn to the right. The is larger roller with a turn to right then off a jump. there is then a turn to the left and straight into a course jump

[edit] FIS Report

New FIS Points List

Entries Report

[edit] World Cup Leaders Bibs

[edit] Advisory Committees

Advisory Committee

Ladies Ski Cross

Men's Ski Cross

[edit] Connection Coaches

Ski Cross

xxx, xx

[edit] Forerunners

Ski Cross:

[edit] Weather Forecast

A light covering of new snow mostly falling on Sat morning. Temperatures will be well below freezing (max -8°C on Fri morning, min -24°C on Fri night). Wind will be generally light.

[edit] Program Today and Tomorrow

[edit] Information from the Organizers

  • Bibs
  • For the competition prize money, there is a Italian Tax to be filled with by the each athlete. The price money tax withheld a tax of 30%

[edit] Close of the Meeting/Next Meeting

Agenda Points postponed

To Do List

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