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[edit] Position of the Feet on the Skis

Normal / Forward: The rider goes forward in his basic stance.

Fakie: The rider goes backwards.

The tricks performed in fakie / backwards are more difficult, and that must be included in the scores.

Alley Oop: Tricks and spins uphill, in opposite direction of the hill. All the grabs and number of spins can be done with Alley Oop.

[edit] Parts of the Pipe

Lip: Top of the wall of the pipe.

Transition: Radius of the pipe.

Relationship to the Wall:

Skier Right Wall

Skier Left Wall

[edit] Tricks

Airs: tricks over the lip of the pipe.

Handplants: tricks in which the rider leans one or two hands on the lip.

Liptricks: tricks on the lip, sliding or doing tricks on the lip.

Rotations: when a rider rotates in the horizontal axis.

Flips: when a rider rotates over the vertical axis.

Hybrids: when the rider uses mixes between vertical and horizontal axis.

[edit] Airs

Non rotation tricks:

Safety: Hand grabs on outside of ski/binding, left hand on left ski/binding, right hand on right ski/binding

Mute: Hand grabs top of ski/binding and tweak as much as you can on your front leg. Left hand on right ski/binding, right hand on left ski/binding. Hold on for 5 min

Iron Cross: In air, put you skis on your back and cross the tips of skis.

Dump Chute: Just like a Iron Cross but you are crossing the tails of skis.

Japan: Stretch out one of your legs and tuck the other leg behind the front leg, grab your tucked leg under base of ski and bone the front leg out as much as you can. Left hand on right ski, right hand on left ski.

Huntony: Like a mute but you are kicking the back leg backwards as much as you can. the ski that is not grabbed)

Tailgrab: Hand grabs the tail of ski/skis and holds it for five minutes.

Ghetto grab: Like a Safety grab, but longer out from the foot.

Geenie: Stretch out one leg and tuck the other in, grab the tucked ski/base behind the back and hold it for 5 minutes. Left hand on right ski, right hand on left ski. This is a close trick to Japan.

Ollie: Air without grabs on skis.

Shiffty: Air with or without grab, pointing the nose of the skis out of the pipe.

Airs to Fakie: Someone of the previous tricks landing fakie. No rotation at all. Mute or Tailgrab or Huntony to fakie...

Illegal: This is like a tailgrab but you will grab on the outside of the ski and no cross.

Lui Kang: Kick your right ski out as far as possible then bend your left leg upp to the knee and grab your natural side ski under the boot. Left hand on left ski, right hand on right ski.

Critical: A critical is when you grab the inside edge of the ski opposed to your hand.

Toxid: Grab the inside of your right tail with your right hand. Usually done with an iron cross

Chinese: Grab like a japan grab but in front of leg/foot.

Zero Spin: Switch take of with no spin or rotation

[edit] Other Special Airs

Half Cabs: Fakie 180º to fakie in corners and jumps.

Otherwise, it exist other special airs grabbing with one or two hands.

Anyone of these airs can be landed normal or in the next cases:

To Tails: Landing the Tails knocking the Lip.

To Tips: Landing the Tips knocking the Lip.

To Disaster: Landing with the skis over the Lip. Cracking the skis in the middle.

Is very important to know if the rider lands deliberately in this way or not, because the scores would be different.

[edit] Rotation over 360° (Around horizontal axis and vertical axis:

Anyone of the previous airs can be performed with a rotation: 360º, 540º, 720º, 900º, 1080º, with or without grab:

Caballerials (Cabs): Fakie 360º around the vertical axis.

Backflip: One rotation over the vertical axis, backwards.

Frontflip: One rotation over the vertical axis, forwards.

Flair: Back flip with a 180º horizontal rotation.

Rodeo Flip 720º: Back flip with a 360º rotation. The Rotation is diagonal over the shoulder in one movement.

Cork: Off-axis inverted virtually horizontal rotation, can be called off axis rotation Should be around 20-70 on the horizontal axis.

Bio Spin: A corked spin forward. Try to be 45 degrees on the horizontal axis and spin the number you want.

Flat Spin: Try to be on the side in the air with the feet spinning around the head on the Horizontal axis. Can be done with different numbers of rotations.

Misty Flip: Front flip with a horizontal rotation 180° or more

Lincoln Loop: Roll your upper back over the table and drop your shoulder at take off, sideways

Sunrise: Start the trick like a Lincoln loop, but make a cartwheel forward

D-Spin: A little to much cork. You will make a 720, 900, 1080 etc. with too much cork. You will try to be totally on the horizontal axis, the D spin is always backwards.

Flatspin: Do this rotation completely horizontal but axis of rotation is vertical and in the centre of body mass

Underflip: 90° rotation to a loop then 90° rotation into fakie landing

[edit] Style of the Trick:

Hand Plants

Invert: Hand on Coping, and one hand may grab ski, body are upside down.

Lip Tricks:

Slides: Slide with some part of the ski on the lip, rails or some surface.



Lipslide (Disaster Slide)

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