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[edit] Course Layout

The OC will produce a course outline which includes course features and “A” banner positions which will be provided to the FIS for review before the event. Sponsor branding in “A” positions

2 banners at the start
2 beachflags at the start

Sponsor branding in “A” positions on course

6 banners along the course e.g. on jumps or features
4 beachflags
alternating pairs of gate flags (Sponsor, OC, Sponsor, OC……)

Sponsor branding in “A” positions in finish area

2 banners in the finish area next to the exit gates
2 beachflags

OC instructions

OC Crew to be Available for assistance with transportation, on-slope set-up, maintenance during the race and dismantle: 4 persons (from OC) for Race Construction Elements 2 persons (from OC) for Hospitality tent 4 persons (from OC) for Flexible Advertising elements (Branding materials)

On site transportation including lifts, snow cats, snowmobiles will be supplied by the OC. (AGENT will bring tools for set-up but will be supported by OC with tools whenever necessary)

The title sponsor, the various event sponsors, and host ski logos are affixed directly onto the Race Construction elements by means of Velcro. It is very important that the OC follows the Velcro Patch sizes and types shown within this Title Sponsor Guide Electrical power on-slope must be provided directly at the position of each structure

The preparation of the course, in particular the start and finish area must take into account the size and the dimensions of the Race Construction elements. The detailed information regarding the set up of these areas will come from the FIS Race Director. For example the Start structure needs a flat area at the start which is at least 15m wide x 5m deep. The Exit Gate and Interview Wall need a flat area which is 8m long x 3m wide. The Hospitality tent needs a flat area of approx 10m x 10m.

FIS Freestyle World Cup Sponsor guide

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